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Why It Is Important To Consume Clean Water

Importance Of Clean Drinking Water

12 Compelling Reasons Why Everyone Needs Clean Drinking Water. Why Clean Water Is So Important.Water is life. Perhaps a good proof of this is that our bodies are made up of 60% of this colorless and tasteless yet very precious commodity. While an average person can survive up to 3 weeks without food (case in […]

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Why It Is Important To Get Water Tested

Test Your Water At Home

The Importance Of Water Quality Testing. What Does A Water Test Test For?Water testing is a fundamental step towards maximizing the quality and standards of drinking water. Government organizations employ water testing technologies to regulate and safeguard water against health and environmental risks. At domestic level, homeowners do so to sanitize water to make it ideal […]

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Remove Viruses And Bacteria From Your Water

Remove Virus & Bacteria From Water

Removal Of Bacteria And Viruses From Drinking Water. What Kills Viruses In Water?Microbial and organic contaminants in water are hard to detect by smelling, tasting or looking. That’s why, it can take really long to detect a problem caused by these organisms. Bacteria and viruses are among these microbes and are mostly associated with causing illness […]

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Harmful Parasites That May Be In Your Drinking Water

Parasites In Water

Harmful Parasites That May Be In Your Drinking Water. Ways To Prevent & Remove Them.Water is the biggest and most important component on planet earth. It’s the source of life for all living things, including plants, animals, and humans. It’s not available on other planets, and that explains why scientists haven’t yet found life there. Like […]

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How To Make Alkaline Water

Make Alkaline Water

8 Simple Ways To Make Alkaline Water At Home. Potential Benefits Of Using Alkaline Water.Alkalized water is believed to be a miracle cure owing to its tons of health benefits. These include reduction of bloodstream acid, metabolism-boosting, and improvement of the body’s efficiency in absorbing nutrients. It’s also said to help in preventing chronic diseases […]

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Tips To Help Increase Water Intake

Water Intake Increase Tips

8 Creative Ways To Drink More Water. Learn How To Increase Your Daily Fluid Intake. Drinking the recommended 8 cups of water a day is crucial, yet the most challenging routines to follow. The benefits of consuming enough water are documented and published all over the media, including research websites and online magazines. Those who have managed […]

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Health Benefits Of Having A Water Cooler Dispenser

Health Benefits Water Cooler Dispenser

7 Reasons To Choose A Water Cooler Dispenser For Your House And Your OfficeDrinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day appears unrealistic. Most people have a maximum of 14 hours of activeness and drinking 2 liters within such a short period appears impossible. It’s not like people hate drinking water but lack of […]

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How To Choose The Perfect Water Cooler For Your Office

Water Cooler For Office

Tips When Choosing The Right Water Cooler And Dispenser For Office. Which One Is Best For Your Workplace?Quality access to fresh and clean is a privilege that few employees get to enjoy. While most businesses have invested in municipal water, it is not fun to drink water directly from water taps. Bottled water is clean and […]

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Water Dispenser Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Water Dispenser Issues And Fixes

Worst Water Dispenser Issues And How To Fix Them. Water Cooler Troubleshooting Guide.Water coolers aren’t faultless but they rarely act up. Maintaining a water dispenser is as easy as manning a building professionally-installed with high-end security systems. There is very little to do and much to reap. It’s a man made product, tough, and that’s to […]

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Difference Between A Water Cooler And A Water Dispenser

2 Jul 19

Is A Water Cooler And A Water Dispenser The Same? Here Is All You Need To Know.The terms water cooler and water dispenser have been used so interchangeably such that some people have started confusing them to be one and the same thing. All water coolers can dispense water as channeled from a municipal water line […]

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