by Curtis Grossi | Last Updated: March 13, 2024
Curtis Grossi

Hi there! Thank you and welcome to SofteningWater.

My name is Curtis Grossi, the owner of softeningwater.com.

Together with my team of writers, editors, and researchers, we bring you all that is concerned with softening water.

Honestly, hard water can cause a myriad of adverse effects. For instance, it can lead to the malfunctioning of your appliances, serious health issues such as the increased risk of cardiovascular disease among many other things.

We are a one-stop site (shop) for reviews about the best water softeners and filters in the market, vital information about hard water, useful guides about water softening, water experts tips among other crucial details.

Why Us?

Softeningwater.com is a site (community), comprising people who are passionate on matters concerning water. Our writers, editors, and researchers contribute what they have personally experienced or have in-depth knowledge about, and are eager to help out.

We feature researchers, who not only educate you on the best practices when handling hard water but also enlighten you on its effects.

All the reviews found on this site are as a result of a thorough research involving countless hours. We compare products before giving you a list of the best available.

Moreover, these reviews highlight all the important aspects of a product. For instance, we give you the features of the product to enable you to select what is appropriate for your needs.

The pros and cons of a product, which allows you choose what you can live with. And more so an alternative product in case you needed a variety.

For clarity and honesty about what we say, you can always check other reviews about the products that we have listed for a complete opinion before considering to make a purchase.

Our guides are comprehensive and go an extra mile in divulging the exact details that will help you when settling for a particular water softener. For instance, one of our guides start by explaining to you what is a water softener and how it works.

It goes on to give you a comparison between a water softener versus a water filtration system, kinds of water systems in the market: the available brands the installation process and the common problems that arise with these devices and the solutions.

These types of guides ensure that you are well informed, on the necessary.

We believe that you will always find what you need about softening water. If not, feel free to always leave a comment or ask a question in the comment section, or probably get to us through the contact page from where we would offer you the needed help.

How To Contribute To This Website

We would love to hear your side of story and other contributions. We welcome you to give us additional tips and resources you might feel we have left out. Also, your well rounded and positive criticism is highly welcomed for us to serve you better.


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Wrapping Up

As you realize, hard water can be a constant source of headaches, whether having a large family or a small one. Therefore, installing a water softener may suffice as the only solution to your problems. Installing these devices is a pretty easy and viable affair.

Not only will you save money in the long run regarding energy and maintenance bills, but you also avert the risks of getting some types of life-threatening conditions such as high blood pressure.

What I am also sure about is that, it is also very unlikely that you would like going back to using hard water once you realize the benefits of soft water.

Stuck around with extremely hard water or need some tips concerning water in general?

Worry not. Take a journey around our site and get acquainted with the different kinds of water softening systems, and read our reviews about the other type of products we enlighten you about.

Also, get different tips from our experts and well-scripted guides and lots of other additional information.

Whatever situation you are surrounded with, or whatever information you are looking for about hard water and possible solutions, we are here at your service.

Many thanks, Curtis, owner of softeningwater.com

Curtis is the founder and owner of softeningwater.com. He is the lead guy concerning all the water-softening accessories in this site's guides and reviews. If he is not writing a reviews, guides or any other useful tips, you will find him testing them to find out their suitability. He is passionate about softening water. You will find him extremely helpful and always willing to educate the general populace all there is concerning water and its effects on their health and appliances.