Top 10 Best Water Ionizers to Buy for Home and Office – Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs

by Curtis Grossi | Last Updated: March 14, 2024
Best Water Ionizer Reviews

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In the USA, 98% of homeowners own a refrigerator, 92% own a microwave oven, and 89% own a toaster, while 82% own a coffee maker. That’s according to a household appliance ownership Statista survey conducted in 2017.

This indicates how obsessed people are into ensuring their foods and drinks are adeptly preserved and cooked. It’s never a bad idea to give quality attention to the way victuals are kept and cooked, but not at the expense of the quality of water we consume.

As per another study, only less than 50% of homeowners in the US own water purification and ionizing device. That’s bad news considering water is the most consumed drink and makes more than 65% of our bodies.

There is no right time for you to buy a water ionizer if you don’t have one. In fact, you should consider getting it now and save your loved ones from the dangers of drinking contaminated and high acidic water.

Your search for best water ionizers for the home may now be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, as with our list of top 10 water ionizers, you won’t spend a whole afternoon making a choice.

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Water Ionizer Reviews – Our Top 10 Choices

1. Tyent UCE-11 Review – Best Under Counter Water Ionizer For Futuristic Design

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If innovation and smartness are your core recipes for a decent kitchen, you can never walk past Tyent UCE-11 Turbo when shopping for a water ionizer in your favorite equipment joints in your home city.

Tyent UCE-11 is a next generation ionizer that packs smartness, durability, and high-tech in a 385 square inch, super impressive housing.

Strong enough to last for decades, the housing features 11 medical-grade titanium solid electrode plates that are baked under high temperatures. Featuring a smartphone-inspired LCD touchscreen, this is a high-end water ionizer that aims to highlight your kitchen with the smartness and desirability that is bound to catch the attention of your guests.

It’s not only useful in dispensing acidic or alkaline water on demand but also clean and filtered water.

The 2 high-end filters, one made of composite ceramic and the other high-grade activated carbon work as a team to give water the desired drinkable quality and taste. When need be, you can raise the molecular hydrogen in alkaline water and enjoy amazing anti-aging benefits, thanks to UCE-11 ionizer hydrogen boost feature. The unit can dispense acidic water at level 12, which you can use for cosmetic or clean purposes.

With this water ionizer, you are getting 55 diverse settings and practical design to guarantee proper water ionizing. The unit has 7 turbo settings including three acidic levels, one neutral level, and three alkaline levels.

Use the ceramic filter to add electrolytes to your water and boost ionization. UCE-11 ionizer has the lowest maximum negative ORP ever, so water ionized and filtered using this unit is full of useful antioxidants. It includes anti-bacterial technology, which makes it ideal for removing all sorts of bacteria from water.

The voice alert system, along with the PH level display ensures you get properly ionized water with minimal to no mistakes.

The compact and lightweight design of UCE-11 makes it compatible with most modern kitchen counters. And since you can easily install the unit with the aid of the instruction manual and videos, you are sure to create the kitchen decor you have ever desired when you invest in this ionizer.


  • The unit is designed from BPA-free materials
  • The 950 gallons filter has a longstanding lifespan
  • Created from high-end components to match all modern uses and applications
  • Water can be discharged in high acidic levels of up to level 12
  • It has powerful filtering units that remove about 99.9% of water contaminants
  • It comes with a high-end touch screen that lets you program the device to your preferences
  • Strong and durable platinum plates
  • More efficient and bigger internal filtering units
  • Interactive touchscreen and multilingual voice guide


  • The filters are a bit costly to replace
  • It only works when connected to electricity

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2. Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Review – Best Water Ionizer Under $2K

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If your budget doesn’t allow you splurge over 2 grand on a water ionizer for home but you still want a reliable machine, the Platinum is worth checking out.

It feels really satisfying knowing what you’re buying from an established manufacturer. That’s the feeling you will have when purchasing platinum alkaline water ionizers as they’re from a time-honored ionizer machine manufacturer.

Bawell, the pioneering mind behind this product has many years of experience creating state-of-the-art water ionizers. As its name suggests, this is a premium ionizer that has tons of fantastic features and good ratings.

With this unit, you’re getting a beautifully wrapped package that will turn your kitchen into a desirable chamber and supply everyone in your home with clean and filtered water.

This model comes at half the price of the Tyent UCE 11 above. Still, its high star rating and positive reports from previous buyers affirm that it’s worth every shot.

The impressive LCD control panel allows for easy control and use. It offers quality and clear information to make monitoring and operating the unit straightforward. You can easily read millivolts ORP level, PH level, and check the filter condition.

The advanced dual internal filtering unit expendable into 3-stage filtration makes the dispensation of clean and drinkable water fun.
In case you are wondering, these filters are capable of filtering around 5000 liters (around 1,320 gallons) before replacement.

The unit provides six premium plates in 2 sets of 3 and two built-in filters to offer quality water purification.

One of the best countertop water ionizers, the ionizer has keyhole slots on its rear side that allows for easy mounting on the wall. You can connect the unit directly to water lines or faucets depending on your preferences.

The unit offers four main touch button selections, including two buttons for acidic water, one for alkaline water, and the last for non-ionized water.

Considering its high-performance, it’s ideal for use in busy households and offices. It’s constructed robustly and has passed the test of time over the years.

The seven solid titanium platinum-coated plates offer a big surface area of about 144 squares, which guarantees proper electrical charging of the water.

It can efficiently handle water flow at rates of about 2 gallons per minute. The unit offers 40 varied acidic and alkaline water levels, thanks to the eight pre-programmed levels. Enjoy high volume alerts regarding the condition of the filters as well as the acidity and alkaline level of your water. 


  • It includes 7-solid titanium platinum plates to offer topnotch ionization
  • It boasts of an advanced interface and stylish design
  • The unit offers superior performance when it comes to controlling pH levels and purifying water
  • The LCD touch display presents the settings and readings in a clear and detailed way
  • It delivers considerable pH levels
  • Maintaining the unit is super easy and straightforward
  • You can easily install the unit using DIY tricks
  • It has a sleek and compact design. It will give your kitchen a smart look


  • It may have issues with high-pressure water
  • Its cost is on the higher end

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3. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9 Review

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Give your kitchen a decor upgrade and keep everyone at home healthy and hydrated with aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9. Introduce this water ionizer in your home or office and get everyone to reap the benefits of drinking clean alkaline water.

The unit has a modern and elegant design that complements most modern kitchens. The buttons are responsive and easily reachable while the compact design allows for simple installation even in the tightest of spaces.

It’s only 13 pounds heavy so it won’t eat up much of your kitchen spacing. Its box design, on the other hand makes it possible to fit well under kitchen counters of all types.

The 7 varied water settings let you increase the alkalinity and antioxidant levels in the water. And as with other advanced water filtration system, the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe allows you to ionize up to 4000 liters before necessitating a filter change.

This unit can raise the PH levels of water up to 11.5 and the oxidation-reduction potential to up to +1000.

On its front, aqua-ionizer deluxe 9 has user-friendly LCD screen ideal for keeping you updated. You can adjust the water alkalinity level in between 3.5 to 11.5 to get quality water for cooking, drinking, or cleaning.

Interestingly, you won’t have to clean the system interior manually as the self-cleaning system will do that job on your behalf.

It’s crucial to note that this water ionizer has an activated charcoal filter that has the power to remove all unwanted water elements, including heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride, and chlorine. Water dispensed will always have a pure and delicious taste.

The platinum-covered elements on the system allow for lasting durability with frequent and heavy use.

Lastly, with this unit, you don’t have to worry about environmental damage as it is fully ETL and RoHS certified.

Those who love staying hydrated all the time will surely appreciate this water ionizer as it has all the features and functions to add useful antioxidants and ingredients to your water to make it healthy and wholesome. 


  • It includes many water settings that allow you to adjust water alkalinity to your preferences
  • It lets you adjust water pH levels from 3.5 to 11.5
  • It’s energy-friendly and uses about 110 volts to raise the pH levels to 11.5
  • This unit has the power to filter up to 4000 liters prior you get it replaced
  • It’s environmentally-friendly. The unit comes with ETL and RoHS certification
  • This machine installs in less than 10 minutes thanks to the under-counter kit
  • The buttons are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly
  • The simple yet efficient design makes for the perfect modern kitchen decor


  • First-timers may find it a bit challenging to master the multiple settings and operate it efficiently
  • It may be a bit tricky for some users to get the unit installed

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4. Bawell Alkaline Ionized Water Ionizer Machine Review

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Stay hydrated in a healthy and fun way with Bawell Alkaline ionized water ionizing machine. This is one of the top-selling water ionizers that boasts tons of features and functions. It’s a robustly created model that is dependable and affordable.

This water ionizing machine gives you access to six pH water settings, including three alkaline settings, two acidic settings, and one neutral pH mode.

Considering its extensive pH range, which ranges from 3.2 to 10, you are sure to give your water the alkalinity or acidic level you desire to make it ideal for your kind of application. The pH settings can be adjusted to varied ORP levels. The good thing about this water ionizer is that it’s a countertop option so you can link it up to your bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Most past buyers are wooed by the big color display that allows for easy monitoring of settings. The fact that the system uses color-coding makes it straightforward to understand the settings regardless of your experience with these devices and water alkalinity. The colors differ based on the water type strength.

The display screen is also capable of showcasing the filter life and every other useful function. Speaking of the water filters, they are designed to be robust and durable as they can last for about 6000 liters.

That means you can use the unit for long before you need to replace the filters. Get the unit and avoid drinking water contaminated with contaminants like chlorine and fluoride.

It’s also good to note that this ionizer machine has a limited lifetime warranty. So, if you are worried that you’ll end up spending a chunk of money on repairs, then that’s not the case here.

The five plates found inside this unit make it super strong and durable. The compact design allows it to connect to all kitchen faucets. The 2-way faucet adaptor included in the Bawell alkaline ionized water ionizer makes it possible for homeowners to use the sink while still using the machine. 


  • It’s a functional and reliable water alkaline ionizer
  • It has an impressive and compact design
  • Anyone can easily set it up in a matter of minutes
  • It is created to be healthy and durable
  • Ideal for purifying and ionizing drinking water
  • It has five robust flat solid titanium platinum-coated plates
  • The machine as an extensive water alkalinity adjustment option
  • The ionizer has an automatic reverse cleaning on shutdown and start-up
  • It has a large color LCD screen display that lets you monitor the filter and ionizer settings
  • It’s constructed of authentic and BPA-free material


  • It’s a bit costly and may not be ideal for everyone
  • Not everyone can install the unit efficiently

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5. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer Machine Review

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Searching for a high-end but budget-friendly water ionizer, then the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 is what you need.

As a groundbreaking water ionizer from Aqua, ionizer the Deluxe is a versatile and high-grade ionizer packed with tons of fantastic features.

The unit has multiple settings, including 2-ionized acidic presets, four ionized alkaline settings, and non-ionized purifier. Installing this unit won’t eat up much of your time and kitchen spacing considering it has a compact and easy-to-install design.

The unit features advanced 7-electroplate technology and super durable and energy-efficient plates. These plates are created of titanium and coated with robust platinum- a combination that makes it super durable.

The Aqua ionizer deluxe 7.0 has carbon water filters that can efficiently purify about 1585 gallons before needing replacement.

The superior design combined with its advanced technology makes this machine a perfect unit for use in offices and extended families.

Another convenience feature that you’ll definitely appreciate is its ability to self-clean through reverse polarity. This is an automatic process that washes the plates after every 10.5 gallons of water have been filtered. Besides prolonging the life of the filters, this feature also means that the filters offer optimum results each time.

It’s quite amazing the unity has an intuitive backlit LCD which lets you monitor the unit settings. You can install this ionizer in your utility room, kitchen, or bathroom faucets.

It provides superb conductivity and allows for constant electrolysis. The electro bath made of membrane and electroplate has the capabilities of resisting erosion and oxidation.

The activated carbon filters also have the power to remove common water contaminants such as trihalomethane, VOCs, benzene, chlorine, and pesticides.

Make use of the ultra-responsive touch controls to easily adjust the water pH levels and ionizer settings.

Installing this water ionizer in your home is a great way to preserve the environment since it is made of FDA approved plastics. The electrolysis water flow rate lets you monitor electrolysis as it happens. As for the temperature gauges, they let you monitor water temperature and operating temperature. Since the ionizer is Electronic Testing Labs certified, it’s safe for use at home.


  • The different health water settings let you adjust the water alkaline and acidic levels to your preferences
  • It has energy-efficient and effective plates
  • The filters are super active and guarantee clean water
  • Comes with a convenient self-cleaning unit, so you won’t have to do the cleaning yourself
  • All the components and materials used are FDA approved
  • It makes use of high-tech electroplate that guarantees high conductivity
  • This ionizer stands out as one of the most economical
  • The unit is strong and durable, so it will serve you for long
  • It incorporates high-quality features that resist corrosion and erosion


  • It’s packed with tons of features something, which makes it a bit complex to master
  • It is a bit tricky to understand and implement the user manual

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6. IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Alkaline Ionizer Review

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The fun of having a good quality water ionizer such as IONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Ionizer is that everyone in your office or home will stay hydrated and healthy.

This high-end water ionizer can adjust your water pH level from 4.5 to 11, thanks to the advanced settings. Dispense super acidic water to cleanse your body or antioxidant-packed water to detox your body.

The unit gives out an optimal value of 850V. It includes platinum-finished titanium plates that allow for effective electrolysis. Found inside the unit are activated carbon filters that prepare the water for ionization. Choosing the acidic or alkaline pH levels in IONtech IT-757 is simple thanks to the 7-color LCD.

Set the unit to dispense water at neutral pH to get clean and fully filtered water. Those who want acidic water can choose from 2 acidic levels while those who want alkaline water can select from 4 alkalinity levels.

The filtering system removes all hazardous components, including lead, bacteria, and organic chemicals, which ensures the ionized water is clean.

The system has the ability to add antioxidants to your water and modify water molecules to make it softer and smoother. The automatic 10-second electrolysis chamber cleansing unit has the power to record the amount of alkaline water produced and switch to cleaning once it reaches 50 liters.

The ionizer also has a powerful transformer that can change the current from AC to DC, separate circuits as well as change impedance. All the energy channeled to the electrolysis chamber is supplied by the transformer.

This ionizer uses only 5 plates. However, since they are high-end platinum-titanium electrolysis plates manufactured by a renowned Japanese manufacturer, they perform way better than some units with seven plates.

The ceramic membrane is created to be non-toxic and temperature resistant while the activated carbon fiber filters comply with all drinking water standards.


  • The Unit’s pH value range is quite flexible and versatile
  • Its ORP value is calibrated to deliver safe drinking water
  • The plates are created to be durable and of the best quality
  • The ceramic ion membrane is designed to be precise and temperature resistance
  • It comes with seven varied pH values ranging from 4.5 to 11
  • As a high-end ionizer model, it includes a pre-built filter to ensure you get clean and quality water always
  • The unit is compact in design and installs super-fast and easily
  • The controls are easy to handle and efficient


  • This water ionizer machine does not come with the best quality components
  • It doesn’t filter the highest of water volumes
  • The unit does not include a manual, so installation may be a bit tricky for newbies

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7. IntelGadgets Filter IONtech IT-580 Review

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Take clean water dispensation in your household a notch higher with this high-end water ionizer with seven water and pH levels. As with this water ionizer, you are getting a high ORP value of -850mv and pH range from 4.5 to 11.

Included in this water filter is built-in activated carbon fiber filter that does an excellent job in eradicating most water contaminants and removing the bad odors and tastes that may make your water undrinkable.

The self-cleaning cycle has automatic functioning, so it detects when cleaning is needed and initiates the cleaning by itself. The unit is installed with five high-end titanium-platinum alloy plates along a ceramic ionic membrane, which makes water dispensation fun and straightforward.

The IntelGadgets Filter Iontech IT-580 has tons of amazing features, including an automatic switch, indicator lights, and overheating protection system.

The automatic switch switches off the flow of acidic water and ensures the water dispensed is alkaline and good for your health. The built-in thermostat has an overheating protection system which prevents overheating thereby prolonging the life of the machine. The indicator lights, on the other hand, keep you informed on the machine status and the settings on use.

By introducing this water ionizer machine into your household, you will make it easier to access clean alkaline water. The unit connects to your household water supply and converts it to alkaline water ideal for cleaning, drinking, and cooking.

The water filtration units do a thorough job of removing all water contaminants, so you can always drink clean and quality water. When there is a need, you can convert your municipal water to acidic water suitable for antibacterial cleaning, hair restoration, or even infant bathing.

The ionizer also includes a powerful transformer that can easily convert AC to DC to power the electrolysis process. The components found in this water ionizer are certified and comply with the provided drinking water standards.


  • The unit has one of the best water flow rates of about 3 liters every minute
  • The filter change indicator lets you monitor the unit functioning and make the right adjustments when necessary
  • Comes with a soft touch button control panel that allows for smooth and efficient operation
  • Comes with a 2-minute cleaning function, which guarantees the supply of clean and quality drinking water with minimal to no hassles
  • The unit includes a flexible and long tube, which is designed to be user-friendly
  • It has an automatic cleaning feature, so you won’t have to clean the unit manually
  • As with this water ionizer, you are getting easy-to-understand color codes
  • The ionizer offers four alkaline water levels, one purified water function, and two acidic water levels
  • The ionizer meets all the design and drinking water standards. It’s ISO, CE, and SGS certified


  • It doesn’t have the power to filter impurities such as chlorine and iron
  • May require a professional to install

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8. EC Series EC-450 Alkaline Water Ionizer Review

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In this era, access to high-tech and high-value products that can help us avoid drinking contaminated water is possible and straightforward.

Getting access to products like EC series EC-450 alkaline water ionizer, which have just made some limelight, is crucial.
By introducing the EC-450 water ionizer into your household, you are helping increase the consumption of clean and ensuring all loved ones stay hydrated.

It is one of the best water ionizers that use the safest and most effective ionization technology to ensure your body is alkalinized and cleansed of all acidic elements. This ionizer includes a built-in calcium port that guarantees powerful water ionization with better pH levels, high acidic levels, and negative ORP.

Its electrode chamber has platinum-coated titanium electrodes and patented matting, which guarantees better ionization while still resisting mineral deposits.

The unit has a revamped interior structure that is durable and reliable. Since the electrodes are made of the titanium, the hardest and most friendly metals, they can last for up to 20 years with regular exposure to extreme use.

The color LCD screen is effective enough to allow you to monitor pH adjustment, ORP readouts, and water settings.

Also, a great feature in this unit is the built-in micron-sediment fiber carbon filter that does a great job of cleansing water contaminants such as chlorine and fluoride.

The automatic indicator alert lets you know when your filter needs to be replaced, avoiding instances when the filters will wear out and stop functioning before they are replaced.

It is good to note that this water ionizer cleanses itself every 12 hours. The automated diagnostic system enables you to stay updated on system functionality and status.

For the environmentally-conscious homeowners, you don’t have to worry as this ionizer has CE certification and uses the most user-friendly construction materials. Not forgetting about its ease of installation, you can mount the ionizer to your wall or anywhere over the counter for easy and quick accessibility.


  • It has a compact and impressive design. It sure will boost your kitchen look and functionality
  • Has a robust construction, so it will serve you for years before you need to replace it
  • It meets all drinking water safety standards. The unit has CE certification.
  • It dispenses alkaline and acidic water ideal for different applications
  • It has a self-cleaning function so it will do the cleaning itself
  • Has robustly created titanium-platinum plates that are super effective and durable
  • Uses the latest water ionization technology to deliver the best quality alkaline water


  • It requires professional installation, which may require you to invest more
  • It’s a bit costlier when in comparison with similar models

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9. Pure Hydration Next Generation Water Ionizer Review – Best Budget Pick

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If you have ever dreamed of introducing a high-tech water ionizer in your household to ensure everyone reaps the benefits of drinking alkaline and hydrogen-rich water, it’s time you invested in Pure Hydration Next Generation water ionizer.

This water ionizer sold more than 120,000 pieces soon after it was introduced. It is a compact and powerful unit that installs quicklyunder the counter and does have a diverter value.

When you get this machine, you get a unique alkaline water level added with tons of superb features. The Abundant Molecular Hydrogen rating adds to the benefits of investing in this unit.

Since hydrogen-filled water is full of useful antioxidants, drinking the water dispensed by this ionizer guarantees you of smooth and attractive skin and hair. It’s pure hydration capabilities range from 1,400 ppb to 1,700 ppb, which is way above average.

Its ORP ranges from -400 to -700mv. Although slightly lower than the competition, you are still guaranteed of more antioxidants. It has been confirmed that water ionizers with lower ORP rating generate more antioxidants.

The unit package includes all the materials and components you need to install the ionizer into your countertop or wall.

The installation manual will guide you throughout the installation process, reducing time wastage, and giving the best results.

It makes use of patented filters, so they will do a great pre-filtration job to ensure you get healthy, clean, and tasty alkaline water. The ionizer is housed in a durable 13-inch long, 11-inch high, and 5.5-inch wide box. It uses electric power to operate though it doesn’t generate lots of waste during use.

At 7 pounds, this is one of the lightest water ionizers you will get in the market today. The water filters in this unit are rated at 0.2 microns and have the power to clean 99.9% of the contaminants found in tap water.

It dispenses 2.1 liters every minute meaning you can install one in your business premises or office to keep workers hydrated. Considering the filters use all-natural elements, you don’t have to worry about consuming contaminated water.


  • The unit has a touch-free function. It uses infrared sensors that detect a wave of the hand to turn either on or off. That makes dispensing water on demand hassle-free, quick, and fun.
  • Installing the unit to your kitchen countertop or under the sink is a no big deal. With a simple user manual, you can get it fixed to your satisfaction.
  • Includes carbon filters that are rated at 0.2 microns and can do a good filtering job to deliver clean and healthy water full of antioxidants and minerals
  • It’s currently one of the cheapest water ionizers you will find in the market
  • The ionizer is designed and sold by one of the world’s most popular ionizer manufacturing companies that take customer queries seriously
  • The water dispensed taste and smell good


  • This water ionizer can only dispense water with a pH level ranging from 9 to 9.5. That is the smallest range you will ever get with any water ionizer.
  • Since it ionizes water through a chemical process, it may not be as good and healthy as the water generated through electrolysis

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10. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 Water Ionizer Review

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Thinking of investing in a water ionizer but not sure where to start, check out the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 Water Ionizer to know if it meets your search criteria.

This is a budget-friendly water ionizer filled with advanced features and top-in-the-line design. It does a great job of ionizing and filtering water of all the contaminants.

This machine has 7 fully useful water options, including two acidic water settings, 4-alkalinized, and one neutral.

Backing the fantastic features is an intuitive backlit LCD that makes use of the reverse polarity technology to clean itself when dirty.

The unit is designed to link up well with most faucets found in utility rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

When you invest in this water ionizer, you won’t have to waste time trying to master learn how to operate it. It comes with more straightforward user guides, diagram, and manual that will guide you through to ensure you don’t make mistakes.

Combining the provided guidelines with the touch-panel that includes a backlit LED lighting will make dispensing alkalinized water from the unit a breeze.

The robust construction combined with the 7 platinum-coated titanium energy-efficient plates delivers clean and ionized water on demand.

The plastic used in creating this water ionizer is BPA free. The filters can filter about 1585 gallons of water and will serve you for about 12 months before you have to replace them.

It’s good to note this ionizer uses reverse polarity tech to clean itself and does so efficiently after every 10.5 gallons of water are dispensed.

Based on your preferences, you can choose between 4.5 to 11 levels of alkaline water. The water dispensed by this water ionizer is high in antioxidants hence suitable for human consumption. The acidic water is useful for your hair and skin.

You’re not only able to adjust the settings but also the active carbon water filters to cleanse the water efficiently and deliver super clean and drinkable water.

As well, this water ionizer meets all the safety standards and certifications, making it ideal for use in different settings including households, offices, and business environments.


  • This water ionizer gives you total control over the water you drink and use. It does a thorough filtering and alkalinizing job, ensuring the water dispensed is drinkable and delicious.
  • With this water filter, you can adjust the alkalinity level of water quickly and always.
  • It makes use the most advanced filtration technology. The filters can last for a year before they need replacement.
  • It easily and quickly installs on top of a counter or the wall
  • The unit will auto clean itself hence no need to schedule cleaning sessions every so often
  • It has a compact and intuitive design that will help make your kitchen attractive and impressive
  • It’s one of the cheapest water ionizers you will find in the market today


  • It may not last to the expectations of every customer
  • Installation may need someone with expertise on matters ionizer installation

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Comparison Chart

ModelBrandPh LevelsPriceOur RatingWeightDimensions
Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water IonizerTyent USA1.7 to 12.0$$$$$9.418.5 pounds18.5 x 18 x 9 inches
Platinum Alkaline Water IonizerBawel2 to 12.0$$$$8.611.02 pounds11.8 x 6.2 x 15.2 inches
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer ProAqua-Ionizer Pro3 to 11.5$$$$8.812.05 pounds16.6 x 12.4 x 8.7 inches
Alkaline Ionized Water IonizerBawel3.2 to 10.0$$$7.410 pounds7.9 x 4.7 x 12.6 inches
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 IonizerAqua-Ionizer Pro4.5 to 11.0$$$8.211.35 pounds5.2 x 4.3 x 13 inches
IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water IonizerIntelGadgets4.5 to 11.0$$$7.48.82 pounds12.2 x 4.9 x 8.7 inches
Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine with Filter IONtech IT-580IntelGadgets4.5 to 11.0$$7.48 pounds8 x 5 x 12 inches
EC Series Model EC450 Alkaline pH Water IonizerEC Series9 to 9.0+$$$9.510.25 pounds10.5 x 5.5 x 12 inches
Pure Hydration Next Generation Alkaline Water IonizerPure Hydration9 to 9.5$$8.013.1 pounds11 x 5.5 x 12.5 inches
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Home Alkaline Water Filtration SystemAqua-Ionizer Pro5 to 11.0$$8.610.2 pounds16 x 13 x 9 inches

Water Ionizer Buying Guide – Things To Consider

Above you have learned about different types of water ionizers, but before you make a purchase, there are some factors to consider.
You need to know the crucial features making up these water ionizers. Some of these features include the number of plates, the design of these plates, and where they are installed. Some other features to consider are the ORP range, pH range, and product considerations.

Check out each of these features before making a purchase, and you’ll be guaranteed of getting a machine that best fits your household’s needs. 

a) Plates

You need your water ionized, so you need an efficient machine that can produce top-notch ionized water. Hence, you have to consider the number of plates your device has in place. It is crucial to know that water ionizer plates differ. It can be the design, their number, or even the materials used to create them.

When buying, check out common factors like the number of plates. You should remember that plates come in four different sizes — named numerically, like 5, 7, 9 and 11 plates. Look out for water ionizers with more plates as they deliver more cleansing power than those with lesser plates.

b) Product Considerations

Apart from meeting the agencies and manufacturers’ standard, the product must also meet the set structural design. Different products have different features, and here are some of the critical elements to consider.

The quality of your water ionizer design should be top-notch, which is mostly personal preference as people may love different shape or colors. Another product consideration is reliability.

You should get a water ionizer that performs at its best and requires low energy to deliver high output. You should check at the customer reviews to know the ionizer reputation and ratings. Lastly, you should settle for a durable product with a robust design and functionality.

c) Service

First, you have to look out for a company with a good reputation. A company that has been producing water ionizers for a while should be considered a priority. It is good to check out for an established company that has manufactured and sold premium products for a good number of years.

Check out for warranty given also. Get a company with a genuine warranty, and with an extended warranty period. Most companies are notorious for providing a one-year warranty. Don’t forget to check the parts the warrant covers. It will be great to settle for water filters that have a long-term warranty that covers the whole machine.

Consider the company purchasing policies such as money-back guarantee. And do not forget to get a machine from a company which can easily reach you when the need arises. You have to invest in a genuine product, do not count losses for your hard-earned money hence go for a company with an excellent reputation. A company with backup reviews and ratings for selling high-quality alkaline water machines is always the best deal.

d) Value

You should get a machine which gives you an output to provide quality, healthy, and safe water for drinking. You should get a machine which meets your values, a machine with excellent features, and the top-notch output. The water ionizer machine should be durable, and the service provided terrific as well. The replacement parts should be affordable and readily available.

e) pH Range

People invest in water ionizers for one main reason which is their ability to produce efficient alkalized or ionized water.
The range is determined by the capability of the units when utilized in turning water to the perfect pH level.

All water ionizers have different pH ranges and settings, so you can choose what best suits your preferences. Get a machine that gives you the freedom to adjust them to the scale you think is best for you.

Every machine has its specific utilization. For instance, there are ionizers which are suitable for cleansing and disinfecting, so they should have a low pH level. Keeping your water low in pH also makes it is right for your health.

Many studies and reviews have supported the best water ionizer machines as those with a pH range of about 4 to 11.

f) ORP Range

ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential. Water ionizers equipped with these unique features have the capability of oxidizing and removing the oxidation level within the body.

This means when the ORP is low, the water is healthier, hence the best for drinking. ORP makes the removal of electrons. When ORP becomes high inside your body, it has negative impacts, as it can damage your cells, DNA, and also distributions of the body proteins.

These substances which can take electrons are termed as free radicals. Hence, it is essential to take antioxidant water to prevent your body from oxidation effects.

It prevents your body from free radical. Buying a water ionizer with ORP reducers will help by restricting the free radicals. Purchasing a water ionizer with low ORP will enable you to remain healthy; hence, saving that extra penny. 

g) Installation

First, you need to know the quality of your water more so its source. Water ionizers come in a variety of designs, so their installation varies.

There is the countertop which should be installed next to your sink and by the use of the faucet, and through the use of a diverter.
Some countertop water ionizers need to be connected to a water main. However, if these ionizers are installed next to your sink with a tap diverter, they are very prone to leakages.

Still, there is the under-sink water ionizer which mounts under your sink and prevents your countertop from getting cluttered. Get a plumber to install a control tap on the sink. Some under sink water ionizers are flexible enough to allow for quick conversion from under-the-sink to the countertop or vice versa.

There has been an ongoing debate on which installation position is the best where most studies support the countertop units for your water ionizers.

Well, this is a matter of preference and it also largely depends on the available space in your kitchen. The countertop is the most convenient in our opinion, though. When it comes for easy access, it can be changed easily hence well in adaptability.

Accordingly, you can easily change in whatever dispensers you want its water to be ionized. Also, when your machine is installed on top, it will be visible to everyone hence, making access to quality and ionized alkaline water easy.

The under-counter water ionizers are way complex to install. But since it is hidden under the counter, it gives more space for other purposes. This space-saving aspect also makes it ideal for homeowners who are struggling with space in their kitchen. This is the newest product in the market. It is stylish but equally a bit tricky to install.

Additionally, having adaptable water ionizers, which are convertible, may not be advisable as it can easily compromise your water. This can be termed as the best option as you can put it wherever you want.

You should find the best water ionizer that is easy to install and operate. Here are some things to help you decide what kind of water counter installation to choose:


You need something legal and a product which has been inspected and certified for a quality guarantee. Hence, as a customer, you need to look for certification before purchasing your water ionizer.

These are the main certifications to check out for before buying a water ionizer.

Ease Of Cleaning And Use

Another thing you have to check out is the way the machine is cleaned. It wouldn’t make sense having to clean your machine manually every day.

Most modern water ionizers have a self-cleaning feature many of which are automatic. The features work in a way that they schedule themselves to do the cleaning.

The self-cleaning feature functions in a fantastic way to prevent issues with calcium build-up. The self-cleaning feature found in most water ionizer machines works to keep the machine clean and improve its lifespan.

1. Ease Of Installation

You wouldn’t want to buy a water ionizer that will take you hours or even days to install. Who would wish to stand in the kitchen for hours trying to install a water ionizer? Get a water ionizer machine that comes with easy to follow videos and installation.

2. Water Ionizer Brand

There are a variety of water alkaline ionizers in the market today that differ in brands and models. It is always good to look out for the best brands of water alkaline ionizers that have a strong reputation.

The number of water ionizer manufacturers available today differ some, which have more reputation than others. Look out for the best water ionizer manufacturers who are known for creating durable, high-performance, and tech-rich products.

3. Ease Of Use

Another vital consideration when hunting for a water ionizer is how easy it is to use. You wouldn’t want to invest in a water ionizer that is hard to use and includes super sophisticated features. The best water ionizer is the one that is designed to be easy to operate.

It should have the best features that allow for easy use. It ought to be easy to install and clean as well. Since you are supposed to clean your water ionizer every year, you must get a machine that can be cleaned easily.

4. Source Of The Water

Before you go ahead to buy a water ionizer, it is crucial to understand where to connect it and where the water will be sourced from. You must know if the source of water channeled to your house is soft or hard.

Some water ionizers work best with hard water sources, while others work best with soft water sources. Get a water ionizer that compacts well with the water available in your house. When choosing, you should never forget that hard water has tons of mineral deposits and will accrue on the tiles over time while soft water has fewer minerals. You can quickly tell if the water is hard or soft by testing or adding liquid soap to it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Ionizers [FAQ]

Researchers, buyers, and testers ask a lot about water ionizers. Here are some of the main questions they ask frequently.

What Are Alkaline Water Ionizers?

Alkaline water ionizers are simple machines that can be installed under or over the counter or sink. They are great home additions that varied settings to make water alkaline or acidic on demand. They usually have pH levels ranging from 3 to 14.

Are There Benefits to Purchasing Water Ionizers?

Water ionizers do a great job of balancing water pH levels to make it acidic or alkaline. They are some essential household equipment you can buy today as they not only help keep everyone hydrated but encourage the drinking of clean and purified water.
Ionized alkaline water is absorbed by the body faster and does a great job of neutralizing free radicals, which helps prevent signs of aging. 

How Do Water Ionizers Work?

Alkaline water ionizers use advanced technologies alongside well-articulated buttons and functions to change tap water into ionized alkaline or acidic water. They include a filtration unit that does filter and cleanse water before it’s channeled to the electrolysis chamber to be ionized. Once the water is ionized and alkalized, it’s dispensed via tap for use.

What Does It Take To Install A Water Ionizer?

Installing water ionizers is not a big deal for many. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the simplest DIY tasks any homeowner can successfully engage in. Most water ionizers come with manuals, videos, and illustrations to make the installation process more straightforward. They also include all the materials and supplies needed to complete the installation work.

Do Water Ionizers Make Lots Of Noise When In Use?

You don’t need to shy away from buying water ionizers because you think they will make your house noisy and unlivable when in use.
You will be amazed to discover that most of the high-end water ionizers don’t make a noise when in use. They operate silently and efficiently to turn your tap water into drinkable ionized alkaline water. However, they do make a beeping sound when self-cleaning.

Should I Clean My Water Ionizer?

Adding a water ionizer into your office or house won’t add up your household chores. These machines have effective and reliable self-cleaning systems that do a thorough cleaning job. It’s good, however, to make sure you clean your water ionizer every year at least once.
When you do a thorough cleaning twice or thrice a year, you get your machine to function efficiently. It also avoids instances when impurities will mix up with the water be ionized.

How Often Should You Take Your Machine To A Professional For Maintenance?

If your water ionizer is fully functional and doesn’t show signs of faultiness, you don’t have to take it to a professional every so often. It’s recommended you get an expert to inspect it at least once every year.
When the machine has issues, you must get it taken care of by a specialist as soon as you can. Efficient and quality maintenance ensures your machine operates efficiently without failing.

Can Babies Drink Ionized Alkaline Water?

If you have a small baby, you don’t need to worry about giving him or her alkaline water. Alkaline water ionizers have the features and capabilities to change water into mild alkaline ionized water that is soft enough for babies. You can use the ionized alkaline water to prepare baby milk that has the same properties as breast milk.

When To Know When The Filter Needs Replacement?

You don’t need to get a professional to know when the filters in your water ionizer need to be replaced. Modern water ionizers have a counter or LED indicator installed on the panel frontage, which gives details information regarding the remaining life of the filter.
Most of the standard filters have a lifespan of about nine months while the ultra-modern filters have a lifespan of about eight months. The lifespan of a water filter is mostly determined by the content of chlorine in the tap water. Water with a chlorine content of more than 1.0ppm is likely to last less than those with the content of less than 1.0ppm

What Is Orp As Pertaining To Water Ionizers?

ORP stands for oxygen reduction potential. It’s all about the energy stored in the system ready for usage. When it comes to water ionizers, it talks about the energy stored in the form of millivolts. It is usually measured by the use of an ORP meter.
It is used to measure the negligible voltage found in water that determines the amount of reducing and oxidizing agents inside the water. Ionized water is known to be extra good for human consumption as it boasts of -250 mv ORP or even less. The best negative ORP indicates the existence of hydrogen molecules, which are useful antioxidants good for eradicating acid toxins.

Can Water Ionizers Be Used In Commercial Areas?

Water ionizers are created differently and ideal for different applications. It’s possible to wonder if water ionizers can be used in commercial areas. Water ionizers aren’t made to be used in residential settings only. They can as well be used in industrial environments.

Does Ionized Alkaline Water Taste Differently?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that water ionizers generate water that doesn’t taste the same as tap water. When water is passed through this unit, it has to go through ionization and filtration to remove all the contaminants that end up triggering the refreshing and pleasant taste you won’t find on other waters. All water ionizers don’t generate water that smells and tastes the same.

Bottom Line

The benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water are well documented on well-known websites and magazines.
Improving and revitalizing the skin and hair are some of the major benefits you are sure to get when you start drinking ionized alkaline water. Ionized alkaline water does taste not only tasty but also smells good.

You can enjoy all the benefits of ionized alkaline water by investing in the best-quality water ionizer. You can check out the features and qualities of the best water ionizers to make the best choice of a water ionizer. You need to consider important things such as the ease of use, the ORP and pH range, and the kind and number of plates.

Be sure to check the brand of the water ionizer also to be able to get the best product for your needs. You can have a look at the top ten water ionizers to find one that has the qualities and features you desire. All the functions and conditions of water ionizers differ, so it will be great you take time to find the perfect product that matches your quality preferences.

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