Best Home Water Distiller Reviews, FAQs & Buying Guide (Top-Rated For 2024)

by Curtis Grossi | Last Updated: March 14, 2024
Top home water distillers

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Inadequate supply of clean water shakes the world’s economy to terrifying levels every year. Let’s figure this out, water-related ailments cost us 443 million school days and 3.575 million deaths every year.

The deaths, lost school days, and lost sick days cost the world’s economy around 223 billion dollars yearly. These are alarming figures, and considering optimizing sanitation is a super way to reduce the figures, the change we need is right in our hands.

One cost-effective and reliable way to encourage the use of safe water at home and in offices is through investing in a water distiller. As per a World’s Bank report, every $1 invested in sanitation, translates to $4 productivity and savings. And so, investing in a $100 water distiller can increase the world’s productivity by up to $300.

Top 3 Water Distillers – Our Picks

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Best Water Distiller To Buy This Year – Top 14 Choices (UPDATED List)

Distillation is a simple yet efficient way to optimize water quality and make it safe for human consumption. The demand for clean water has intensified, and so has the companies making water distillers.

Here are our picks of the top-rated water distillers from the world’s most reputed brands and manufacturers.

1. H2o Labs Best-in-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller Review – Best Rated

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H2o Labs best-in-class water distiller is a sophisticated and economically-friendly water distiller that boasts high ratings and hundreds of positive customer reviews. It’s the best-rated water distiller in its class that has tons of robust and reliable features. It packs refined activated carbon pods, a superior condensing coil, and a large filing tank. Let’s dig deeper into this water distiller to know how it looks, functions, and feels.

Specially designed to be a family-friendly water distiller, the H2o best-in-class stainless steel distiller operates at 565 watts and can heat water to about 212 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s perfect for small households and can efficiently distill a water gallon every 6 hours. Its production rate may not be so good, but it’s quite similar to what you will get in most of the distillers in our review.

Durably created of grade-304 stainless steel, the distiller is strong enough to offer a long service life. Its storage container is constructed of a glass material while the nozzle is made of porcelain. As for the interior parts, they are made of plastic, hence may not deliver the sort of strength you desire in a high-quality water distiller.

One of the reasons the H2o Labs best-in-class water distiller stands out from the rest is its use of high-end filtration technology. Rather than using the ordinary activated charcoal filters, the unit uses uniquely crafted activated carbon pods, which are not only high-end but also more effective.

The maintenance and care for this water distiller won’t cost you a fortune. The carbon pods need to be replaced once in a year. With a 6-pack of carbon pods costing you around $25, you can use the distiller all year with minimal to no investment in maintenance and care. You don’t need to clean the distiller every other day, but as soon as you discover residues in the low end of the water distiller, you should get it cleaned right away.

H2o best-in-class stainless steel distiller is a durable and long-lasting water purification machine that comes with a quality guarantee. The 1-year warranty is not so good but enough for you to test the machine’s performance and reliability.


  • Cheap to clean and maintain
  • Generates a water gallon every 6 hours
  • A family-friendly water distiller
  • Saves on energy-consumption
  • Takes us minimal spacing
  • The carbon pods are affordable
  • One-touch operation


  • The 1-year warranty is too small
  • Generates extreme heat when in use

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2. Glass Bottled Megahome Water Distiller Review – Runner Up

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Megahome stainless steel glass bottled water distiller is a planet-friendly and user-friendly water distillation machine with an intuitive design. It’s the ideal water distiller for offices and homes that not only purifies but adds an excellent taste to water. It eliminates about 99.99% of mechanical and inorganic contaminants found in water.

Megahome water distiller operates quietly and efficiently. Its energy-efficient ratings allow it to adeptly distill water at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a super speed for eradicating most water contaminants and toxins. With a superb water heating speed of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the Megahome water distiller can produce a gallon of water every 5.5 hours. The high-end activated carbon filters do a great job of ensuring the produced water is free of all toxins and contaminants. Although not the best speed ever, it is way better than that our top-rated h2o Labs stainless steel water distiller above.

The distiller’s body is created of treated steel, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The 6-pack charcoal pods have an attractive design besides being biologically friendly and safe. It’s exterior and interior components, including the condensing coils, boil chamber, and upper steam dome, are all created of full 304-grade stainless steel. The porcelain lined nozzle and glass collection bottle are all sturdy and safe.

Megahome water distiller employs high-end activated charcoal filtering system that can efficiently remove all water-based volatile organic compounds. The machine shuts off automatically once the water is distilled. That reduces the need for you to stay around and watch over it.

Just like h2o labs best-in-class stainless steel water distiller, the Megahome glass bottled water distiller is easy to maintain. It doesn’t require much attention to stay in shape and perform to the manufacturer’s requirements. Just pay keen attention to the machine’s outlook, and always clean it as regularly as possible, and it will serve your best interests.

The Megahome water distiller comes with a one year warranty, which is backed by timely and professional support and care. And considering Megahome has been making and selling water distillers.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • It has sturdy glass and stainless-steel interior
  • Includes high-end activated charcoal filters
  • The water distilled water is dispensed into a pure glass container
  • It has a user-friendly and robust porcelain lined nozzle


  • The machine design is not quite captivating
  • Builds up residual gunk quickly, so it needs regular cleaning

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3. Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller Review

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The unique features, favorable design, and super performance of Waterwise 9000 have made it earn the Amazon’s badge of the best water distiller. The distiller features a blue jug with a push-button dispenser that lets you dispense water directly. As well, it has a white body and modern design, both of which make it excellent present-day kitchen equipment.

Waterwise 9000 has an energy-efficient rating of 750 watts. It gets water distilled super-fast and without eating up lots of electrical energy. The energy-friendly fan delays heating for about 20 minutes to increase energy savings. As a top-rated water distiller from a renowned water distiller manufacturer, Waterwise 9000 boasts an incredible production rate.

It resourcefully produces a gallon of water every 4.3 hours, meaning if you leave it to run throughout the day, you can distill five full gallons. That makes it ideal for families, offices, and organizations.

The compact size and handy design of this water distiller make it the favorite choice for many. Its body is created from high-end BPA-free material, which is tested and verified by the Water Quality Association. The dispenser bottle is made of food-grade polycarbonate plastic.

The condensing container includes a single push-button and intuitive design that allows for comfortable usability. As for the fan, it has an energy-efficient design that allows for 20 minutes delay before water starts boiling to save energy.

Waterwise 9000 water distiller employs the latest water distillation technologies. It uses high-quality activated carbon filters created from organic coconut shell to distill and clean water of all contaminants. Unlike other water distillers, Waterwise 9000 relies on 100% steam distillation. The coconut shell-made filters help to improve water taste through degasification, aeration, and absorption.

This distiller tops the list of the most user-friendly and portable options that require no assembly. Created to be durable and robust, the distiller doesn’t require much care and attention. However, you have to replace the coconut shell-made filters yearly and clean the distiller as often as possible.

There is very little known about the warranties and guarantee attached to this water distiller. However, since it’s from a trusted manufacturer, you don’t need to worry about quality and durability.


  • A high-performance distiller that makes a gallon in 4.3 hours
  • Does not require assembling
  • Uses steam distillation to purify water
  • Includes an automatic shut-off
  • Has stainless steel coils and polycarbonate collector
  • Highly energy-efficiency and user-friendly
  • Made of FDA rated wetted and WQA certified materials
  • Includes carbon post-filter cup


  • Quite costly
  • It has a short service life

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4. Countertop Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v Review – Our No. 1 Pick

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The Pure Water Mini-Classic CT comes first among amazon’s bestselling countertop water distillers thanks to its unmatched ability to generate pure and great-tasting water. The unit has a removable boiling chamber that allows for quick cleaning and filling. This water distiller requires no installation or time-consuming hookups to the waterline.

Ranked top among the most energy-friendly distillers, the countertop pure water mini-classic uses 800 watts to run efficiently. Owing to its high energy-ratings, it can distill water from any source, be it salt or fresh. The unit has a safety shut-off switch that puts off the device to prevent it from overheating.

The pure Water Mini-Classic distills approximately 3 liters in a 3.5-hour cycle. It’s manually filled and ideal for small families or renters. The distiller is also ideal for RV or campers who want to enjoy clean drinking water while miles away from home.

This premium water distiller from Pure Water is made of high-end stainless steel to deliver a long service life. The filters are housed in a robust stainless-steel tray. Belonging in the Mini-class series, the Mini-Class CT has a compact and pretty design that lets it fit well in modern kitchen countertops. It weighs about 11 kilograms, which makes it portable enough to move around with when going out on picnics.

Pure water mini-classic CT countertop water filter has a continuous self-sterilization. It also includes high-end purity vents that work efficiently to facilitate the eradication of organic and inorganic water contaminants. It uses the latest activated carbon post filer to sieve any gaseous components in the distilled water to give it a better taste. Its filter pillow is contained in a high-grade stainless-steel tray, so the distilled water won’t get into direct contact with plastic.

Unlike other water distillers reviewed above, Pure Water mini-classic CT has a removable boiling tank, and so washing it won’t be a big deal. The unit’s body is made of high-grade stainless steel, which boasts durability and minimizes maintenance work. For those worried about quality and durability, this water distiller comes with a 2-year warranty covering all electronic parts and a 5-year warranty covering the stainless-steel components.


  • Compact and kitchen-friendly design
  • Produces spotless and pure water
  • It has a sturdy stainless-steel construction
  • It includes easily fillable and cleanable removable boiling tank
  • Sits on kitchen countertops, so no installation is required
  • It has activated carbon post filters
  • It has a shut-off switch and a timer
  • Offers continuous self-sterilization


  • It’s a bit costly
  • It’s a bit heavy

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5. Alexapure Pro Stainless Steel 5000 Gallon Distiller Review – Best Budget Friendly

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Alexapure Pro stainless steel 5000-gallon gravity distiller offers outstanding filtration value. It’s the first and the only gravity-run water distiller in our list that purifies and removes awkward odors and flavors in water without the use of electricity. There’s a lot to know about this high-end gravity water distiller.

The Alexapure pro gravity water distiller outperforms all the distillers reviewed above in terms of energy efficiency. It employs the underlying gravity-fed filtration technology, so it doesn’t require electricity to operate, which makes it ideal for use off-grid or in areas with no electrical connection.

It’s one of the magical water distillation units from Alexapure that boasts an output capacity of 5000 gallons. It can efficiently filter and store 2.25 gallons, which is quite high, considering its low price and adjustable flow rate. The distiller can purify water from any fresh source, including dams, rivers, and ponds.

The unit’s design is super effective. Assembling the Alexapure pro gravity distiller does not require any professional skills or tools; thus, even the least skilled homeowner can put it together in a matter of minutes. It dispenses water via a spigot, which is available on the unit’s front. The lower and upper chambers of the distiller are made of high-grade stainless steel.

As for the filters, they’re made of carbon block core that’s wrapped in ceramic shell infused with silver. The plugs, spigot, and washers are all made of plastic material. Alexapure Pro is a smart gravity-operated water distiller that uses high-end carbon blocks core filters.

The filters’ interior is made of carbon while the exterior is made of ceramic. Its ceramic exterior shell blocks huge contaminants, while the silver in it helps prevent bacteria growth inside the filter. As for the carbon block filter, it aids in filtering microscopic pollutants such as viruses.

There is little work needed to keep this gravity-run water distiller in perfect working condition. To keep it looking and functioning to its level best, ensure you scrub and clean the filter element often to remove all buildups that can affect the filtration speed. Also, clean the bottom holding chamber every week to prevent buildups.

The manufacturer warranty attached to this water distiller will cover up most of the parts for about a year before it becomes void. But to make the most out of the warrant, you should take proper care of your distiller, as you will be forced to buy another unit if the glass and plastic parts get damaged.


  • The unit is quite affordable
  • The filters have excellent durability
  • Adds to the taste of drinking water
  • Requires no pressure or electricity to operate
  • No priming is needed
  • It has a superb throughput capacity
  • A high-end construction


  • It has a lower production rate
  • Does not filter solid contaminants

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6. Mophorn 750w 4L Countertop Pure Water Distiller Review – Best For Superior Flow Rate

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The Mophorn 750w 4-liter pure water distiller is another budget-friendly distiller boasting of superb flow rate. Categorized as the best water distiller under $100, the unit has food-grade solidified steel and 4-liter archive. A noticeable quality of the distiller is its versatility that allows for the fast-changing of the plastic holder into glass carafe auxiliary.

Mophorn 750w 4-liter distiller runs at 750 watts. It has a built-in thermostat that helps prevent overheating. The distiller is set to shut down automatically when the water temperature reaches 320℉. With a 750W output, it’s not the most energy-efficient distiller out there but does get things done efficiently.

The Mophorn’s countertop water distillation kit is an excellent example of a high-efficient water distiller ideal for bigger families. The unit can distill 1.6 gallons in a 6-hour cycle, which translates to 4 liters in a day. It can reach high temperatures of 320 degrees Fahrenheit. But since it turns itself off on reaching such a high-temperature limit, you’ve nothing to worry about.

The distiller’s body has backed-enamel while other parts, including condensing coil, inner tank, water outlet/inlet, and inner cap feature 304-grade stainless steel. The water container is made of BPA-free plastic and shock-proof glass, which delivers outstanding durability. Its fan is crafted from high-quality aluminum, making it not only of high-quality but also durable. It’s compact and lightweight, which allows for easy storage and transportation.

This water distiller from Mophorn uses charcoal distillation technology. The distilling mechanism employed is super-efficient and delivers superior purification results. It can remove up to 99.99% of dissolved solids, bacteria, and parasites. The replacement filters cost approximately $15 and have a limited service life of 12 months. Clean the distiller parts regularly to keep them in shape, and lengthen their service life.

The manufacturer’s warranty attached to the distiller will cover most of the stainless-steel components for about two years before it becomes invalid. That’s an assurance that once any of the stainless-steel components get damaged, you may be eligible for a free replacement.


  • Has a superior flow rate of about 1.5 gallons per 6-hour cycle
  • It has an auto-shutdown feature to prevent overheating
  • Can boil water to high temperatures of 320 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The unit is quite easy to operate
  • It’s made of durable and safe materials
  • It’s versatile and efficient
  • Eats up minimal storage spacing


  • Can overheat some times
  • It produces lots of noise
  • Consumes more electricity

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7. Seeutek 3 Gallon 12L Copper Tube Moonshine Water Distiller Review

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Moonshine 3-Gallon 12L is a unique distillation system from Seeutek that’s easy to handle. Its sophisticated design suits expert distillers and beginners alike. The unit is all-safe, durable, and budget-friendly.

If you’re in search of a water distiller that won’t upsurge your energy bills, the moonshine 3-gallon distillation unit is the way to go. It heats and distills water through hydro-distillation and steam distillation. The device works well with an induction stove or cooker. Never use open-flame heat sources while indoors, as it may have serious side effects.

Seeutek copper tube moonshine distiller comes in 3 main sizes, which are 8, 5, and 3 gallons. They all generate 30 liters, 18, and 12 liters, respectively. That means the distiller is a suitable choice for both household and commercial use.

The design and looks of this water distiller resemble a modern-day cooking pot. It’s simply a high-end cooking pot with the ability to heat and cool down liquids to purify and clean off all the contaminants. The high-quality stainless steel body is welded by argon arcs to boost strength and durability. Its cooling coil has three main outlets, and it’s entirely made of high-grade red copper.

Two of the outlets help pull and dispense water while the last one intakes wine. The distiller has a built-in temperature gauge that displays the accurate details of the temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius formats. Use the display unit to find out if the unit is distilling your wine or water in the recommended temperatures. The unit’s high-end design allows for natural purification of fruit wines, plant extracts, and homemade oils.

Unlike other water distillers, the moonshine Seeutek water distillation kit relies on hydro and steam distillation technologies to perform its magic. It comes with a high-grade stainless steel boiler with quality steel clamps for enhanced sealing. To initiate the distillation process of whichever liquids you decide to distill, you have to place the device in an induction cooker, and monitor the temperatures via the built-in temperature gauge for efficient distillation results.

Standard DIY maintenance skills are all you need to keep your device in a perfect functioning state. It comes with an easy-to-understand installation and maintenance manual to help lessen the otherwise hectic maintenance work.

As proof of outstanding quality, Seeutek offers a money-back guarantee. Of all the products we have reviewed above, none has a money-back guarantee, something which sets the moonshine Seeutek water distiller at the top of the crowd. 


  • It’s a multipurpose water distiller
  • Has a money-back guarantee
  • Super easy to use and install
  • Quite easy to handle and super portable
  • It has a good capacity of up to 30 liters
  • Strong and durable, too
  • Has a dial reading thermometer


  • It requires assembling
  • The seal on the lid needs extra attention

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8. Waterwise 3200 Water Distiller Review – Our 2nd Pick

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Waterwise 3200 is the successor of the 8800 model, which the manufactured discontinued in 2018. It’s a superior version with a simple yet efficient design. Waterwise 3200 distiller doesn’t have the digital display found on the 8800 version, so you can’t program it. It, however, has user-friendly reset buttons.

The Waterwise 3200 model uses 8000 watts of electrical energy at 120 volts 60Hz to generate a gallon of water on a 4-hour cycle. This updated version of the 8800 model has an automatic shut-down feature to help minimize energy wastage. The water pitcher is removable, so you can cool it down using a refrigerator. The delay start fan helps increase energy savings. It’s sure not the best water production rate, but undoubtedly a reasonable rate for a model of its caliber.

The machine heats water to around 212 degrees Fahrenheit to efficiently kill all contaminants, including cysts, viruses, and bacteria. At the 212°F temperature, the water has already been distilled and ready for cooling, so the unit will shut itself off automatically.

The collection pitcher is made of BPA-free non-leaching Tritan plastic. The plastic is crystal clear and safer compared to the one on the previous model. The boiling chamber has a stainless steel interior and BPA-free plastic exterior. It stands out from other distillers in our review for having two carafes. Its secondary carafe has a detachable design that makes it portable and easily removable. The carafe is connected to the distiller via a docking station. Its sleek stainless-steel finish makes it fit for installation in modern kitchens.

The 3200 distillation unit from Waterwise uses steam distillation to clean and purify water. When water is poured into the boiling pot, it’s heated and released for cooling to the condensing coil, after which it’s passed through post-carbon filters before delivery into the carafe. The post-carbon filters remove all the elements that make water taste and smell bad. Water dispensed by this water distiller is pure, clean, and of the best tastes ever.

Clean the unit regularly and dry it properly to avoid issues with rusting. Make sure to replace the carbon filters every two months. The boiling tank and condensing coil should also be cleaned regularly to optimize performance. The unit has a one-year limited warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover everything, and in most instances, protects only the premier features like filters, boiling pot, and condensing coil, so take proper care of your distiller to avoid disappointments.


  • A high-end water distillation unit
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Dripless stop-and-serve feature
  • Reliable and user-friendly
  • Operates quietly and efficiently
  • Dispenses 100% pure and clean water
  • Energy friendly
  • High flow rate


  • Quite costly
  • Not fit for small households

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9. Vevor Countertop 750W Stainless Steel Purifier Review – Cheap Smarter Choice

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VEVOR isn’t a famous brand in the water distiller manufacturing industry. They only came into limelight after they created Vevor countertop 750W slick stainless distiller, which stands out in most aspects, including smartness and sleekness. The Vevor digital panel stainless steel purifier shares a similar design and looks with our top-rated H2o stainless-steel distiller. It, however, outsmarts H20 distiller with its digital display that lets you adjust the water temperature during the distillation process.

The Vevor countertop water distiller has a 50-hertz, 750-watt heating element, and can efficiently heat water to high levels of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You know heating water to such high temperatures require more energy, and to help maximize energy consumption, Vevor has added the unit with thermostatic control that shuts off the unit automatically on reaching the 300 degrees Fahrenheit temperature limit.

The 50-hertz, 750 watts heating element is a plus as it enables this distillation unit to distill 6 gallons of water in a 24-hour cycle. Vevor 750w countertop distiller can purify and dispense water at different levels. Features like the 1.06-gallon inner tank and shockproof glass container assist in ensuring the dispensation of pure water at high flow rates. The digital panels let you control the water temperature to optimize water purity.

In size, Vevor countertop 750w digital panel is a compact distillation device made of stainless steel, glass, plastic, and aluminum. The unit’s body, condensing coil, inner tank, cap, and outlets are all made of 304-grade stainless steel, so they offer longer service life. The water container and digital panel are made of shockproof glass. As for the fan, it’s made of aluminum, which delivers better cooling effect. Since it weighs only 11 pounds, it can sit comfortably in any modern kitchen countertop.

Vevor countertop distiller uses the same technique of heating, evaporation, and condensation employed by other distillers to give water a purer and fresh quality. Just like Waterwise 3200, Vevor 750W digital panel compact water distiller has activated carbon filters. It’s a multipurpose unit just like Seeutek 3 moonshine water distiller since it can efficiently distill alcohol and other liquorsat controlled temperatures credit to the digital display screen.

Wash and clean your distiller regularly to keep it looking and functioning optimally. Never leave the metal lid on when placing the distiller in a refrigerator as it may stick on the glass pitcher. The Vevor countertop water distiller isn’t the best solution if you want a product with long service life. It won’t disappoint in terms of performance, though. However, since the attached warranty only covers you for 12 months, you’ll be on your own if the steel components get damaged after the warranty period is over.


  • A multipurpose water distiller
  • Comes with a digital panel
  • It’s compact and portable
  • Easy to use and handle
  • It is sleek in looks
  • Delivers pure and great-tasting water


  • It has some weak components
  • It’s not very durable

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10. H2O Labs Easy-fill Distiller Review – Most Convenient Choice

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Although H2o Labs best-in-class water distiller outsmarts its brother the H2o Labs easy-fill distiller in terms of durability, efficiency, and flow rates, it cannot match it in terms of convenience. The H20 Labs easy-fill reservoir water purifier is the most convenient of all the products we have reviewed. It outsmarts most of the other distillers in convenience, efficiency, and water filling lenience.

The H2o Labs convenient easy-fill works best with 110 to 240 volts sockets depending on the county. For US users, they should plug it to a 110-120 volt socket while those in other countries can plug it into 220-240 volt plugs. That’s a good energy-efficiency rating and ideal for most households.

H2o Labs easy-fill distiller has a water-feed valve that provides a continuous flow of water for quick and efficient distillation. Its automated shut-off feature activates itself when the system has distilled and dispensed a full water gallon. It will take the unit 5 hours to distill a gallon of water, which means in a 24-hour cycle, you can produce about 4 gallons of pure distilled water. The refill and Reset LED indicator simplifies the water refilling process.

This water distiller from H2o Labs has a durable and compact design. All the components and parts of the unit are created of food-grade BPA free plastic and stainless steel. The unit’s cooling fins and coils are constructed of sturdy stainless steel, while the interior components are made of BPA-free plastic. The simple design allows for straightforward handling, while the high-end construction delivers a longer service life.

H2o Labs make filtration as simple as possible by adding smart and rare features such as the easy-fill water reservoir, constant water-feed valve, and automatic shut-off feature. One of the unit’s filters is found inside the water to aid in calcification. As for the carbon filters, they are placed just above the collection jug, so they have to be removed frequently to help in quick access to the purified water.

The distiller includes a rare feature to aid in making maintenance easier. The stick-resistant boiling tray minimizes buildups, so you won’t have to clean the unit frequently. The filters should be replaced yearly and may cost you up to $30. This’s a high-end distiller with super performance, excellent durability, and user-friendly design. Its one-year limited warranty is undoubtedly not the longest, but it will get you sorted if things go south.


  • There is no installation or assembly needed
  • It’s light, compact, and portable
  • The unit has an easy to lift-and-fill water tank
  • You don’t have to replace the filters every so often
  • Made of all BPA-free plastic and stainless-steel materials
  • It can generate up to 4 gallons a day
  • It has an intuitive reset and refills LED indicator


  • It may be a bit noisy some times
  • It’s not the most efficient unit available

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11. CNCSHOP Water Distillation Purifier Review – Best In Aesthetics

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CNCSHOP 4-liter water purifier is a home-and-office friendly device characterized by a stylish and contemporary design that adds to modern kitchen appeal. It’s a user-friendly water distillation unit that’s compact and weighs only 4 kilograms. CNCSHOP 4-liter stainless steel is an energy-friendly distiller that won’t increase your energy bills once installed in your kitchen.

The unit runs on 110V 60Hz power input and generates an output of 750 watts. The energy-efficient aluminum heating element will convert the supplied energy into heat, which heats the water to kill all organisms. The automatic shutdown feature activates itself automatically when the water is heated to 160 degrees Celsius to minimize energy wastage.

It packs a 4-litre capacity steam chamber and aluminum heating element, both of which work collectively to aid in the realization of the one-gallon internal capacity. The distiller can efficiently distill 0.26 gallons of pure water every 60-minute cycle. Therefore, it can purify a whopping 6 gallons in 24 hours.

As said earlier, CNCSHOP 4-liter water purifier is the most artistic and attractive unit of all the products we have reviewed. It comes in four amazing shades, including red, gold, silver, and white, all of which add metallic, sophisticated, and vibrant looks to modern kitchens. The distiller is compact and portable, as it weighs only 4 kilograms.

Its interior body parts, like the condensing coils and heating tanks, are made of high-grade stainless steel. The plastic used in building the container is BPA-free and safe. Other accessories, including chamber, filter, power wire, bottle cap, and discharge, are all made of food-grade and durable materials. As for the nozzles and inserts, they’re innovatively created from high-quality and food-grade glass.

Just like Waterwise 9000, CNCSHOP 4 liter water distiller depends on steam distillation. It uses activated carbon filters to purify and add a better taste to your water. Heating kills all microorganisms in water; the filters remove all solid contaminants, while VOCs are removed as steam.

Apart from regular cleaning, very little work is required to keep the distiller in shape. Since the unit has a fuse for protection against power surge, you won’t have to worry about electrical shorts. There is no need to replace the filters every so often as the unit relies on steam distillation. The CNCSHOP 4 liter water distiller is designed to be a pocket-friendly and contemporary with great service life. Since all parts are made of high-strength materials, durability is not an issue.


  • Comes in multiple color shades
  • Can efficiently generate 4 gallons a day
  • It’s the most aesthetic unit in our review
  • Offers overheating safety
  • It has a robust stainless-steel interior
  • It has a big capacity
  • It’s quite affordable and reliable


  • It does not provide the best service life
  • The container is built of plastic

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12. Durastill Manual-fill 8-Gallon Water Distiller Review – Heavy-Duty Choice

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Durastill 30H4 is the most productive of all the water distillers in our list. Its superior water production rate of 8 gallons a day and 4.5-gallon stainless steel storage tank makes it stands out from the rest. The unique design, combined with its superb water production rating, makes the Durastill manual-fill water distiller the perfect choice for rental homes, apartments, second homes, and cabins with no access to water lines.

Durastill 30H4 connects safely to virtually all standard 110 to 120volt outlets. The unit has high-power ratings of 1000watts and heavy-duty heating elements built of stainless-steel superalloy. No other unit in our list can compare to the Durastill manual-fill unit when it comes to efficiency.

All Durastill water distillers have a float switch that detects when water levels are low, and switches itself off automatically. As for this one, it has a super 4.5-gallon stainless steel storage tank and a reasonable water production rate of 1.5 gallons per cycle. That translates to eight gallons per day, an amount no other product in our list can produce.

The Durastill 30H4 is a commercial-grade water distiller designed to link up directly to plumbing systems to offer a continuous supply of clean and pure water. The distiller is highly recommended for commercial applications as it delivers maximum water output. Its heating element is built of 316 alloy stainless steel, which is not only durable but also safe. The fan-cooled condensing coil is, too, made of heavy-duty stainless steel to offer long service life. The distiller’s body is held together by four heavy-duty stainless steel encased in durable rubber material.

The unit works in a way that when water is filled into the distiller, the alloy stainless steel evaporator heating element heats it. The water is then passed through a 100-watt volatile gas vent system and post-filter. Heating kills all the harmful living organisms while the filters clean off the solid impurities to give your water a pure and delicious taste. The gas vents help remove the VOCs present in water during the condensation process.

Durastill 30H4 8-gallon is a manually operated distiller with a self-sterilization function. The unit’s dirt-resistant material makes it easier to maintain and clean. The evaporator is strong and durable, so you don’t need to worry about corrosions. The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty, which covers most accessories, filters, and components.


  • A heavy-duty unit with high water production ratings
  • Includes a self-sterilization function
  • Has a float switch
  • It’s super easy to clean and maintain
  • Generates 8 gallons of water a day
  • Strong and durable


  • It’s quite expensive
  • It doesn’t include a reservoir tank

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13. Olizee 304 Stainless Steel Water Purifier and Distiller Review – The Quietest Choice

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Olizee may not have been a common household name previously, but ever since they manufactured the Olizee 304 stainless steel water distiller, they earned a tag in the water distillation systems industry. Their all-white stainless-steel water purifier has an attractive design that suits well in every kitchen. It’s a beautiful kitchen addition that complements all kitchen colors, including white, black, and brown.

This eye-catching distiller from Olizee broke the record of the most energy-efficient distillers. It connects to all standard 110-120 volts sockets and outputs a whopping 800 watts, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market. Olizee 304 stainless steel distiller heats water to around 160 degrees Fahrenheit, which then evaporates and cools down.

It’s quite fast when we compare it with some of the other machines. It’s set to distill a liter of pure water every hour. In 24 hours, it can purify 24 liters, which is equal to around 6 gallons. That’s enough water for small families and offices.

Externally, this Olizee distillation unit features 304-grade stainless steel. The topmost part of the unit features a big black plastic that makes it look more commercial-like. Its outer casing is white, and it matches well with almost every kitchen decor. The distiller has glass collection container and stainless-steel boiler chamber, both of which are heavy-duty. The fan is made of aluminum while the carafe is glass-made, and can be easily removed.

This is no doubt one of the quietest distillers available in the market today. The distiller works by heating water to vaporization before it flows into sterilization steam after which it’s released to a condensing coil. The heating kills all toxins, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses, leaving pure and safe water.

As a plug-and-start distiller, the Olizee 304 stainless steel distiller is super quiet and very simple to handle. Cleaning the distiller is no big deal as it is designed to be easy to clean. The distiller has one of the most durable constructions ever. It comes with a 12-month warranty to back up its heavy-duty construction.


  • An easy to handle design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Operates quietly
  • Quite user-friendly
  • Quite attractive
  • Cost-friendly
  • Suitable for small offices and homes


  • The plastic components affect water taste
  • The customer support is quite unreliable

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14. Countertop SteamPure 110V Distiller Review – Best Sterilizing Water Distiller

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SteamPure 110V countertop distiller should be a top priority if you’re the kind of people who travel a lot or love kitchen devices they can move around with. It’s a user-friendly distiller with amazing sterilizing capabilities that’s small and lightweight enough to allow for easy transportation.

The SteamPure countertop distiller connects to any 110V socket and outputs 700 watts. 700W is too small for a machine of its caliber, but not so negligible to make it a worthless investment. It’s still one of the most reliable countertop distillers you can get today that has an average energy-efficiency rating.

For bigger offices and homes, this is not the best water distiller to consider. With a production rating of 3 liters in a 4.5-hour cycle, it’s only fit for small families that don’t require lots of water. The pure water distilled by the SteamPure distiller doesn’t have plastic pollutants as the water only comes into contact with stainless steel tubing. If you want to distill water continuously, you have to connect it to a collection jar, as it doesn’t have an automatic shut off function.

The portability and compactness of the SteamPure distiller set it apart from the crowd. That’s made possible by the lightweight grade 304 stainless steel construction. Almost all the interior and exterior parts of the distiller are made of robust stainless steel. The fins are aluminum-made, so cooling won’t be an issue. A high-quality glass star acts as the storage unit, which is not only durable but attractive, too. The 18lbs distiller weight makes it portable enough to be installed anywhere around the kitchen, including under sinks and countertops.

The desired water purity is realized through steam distillation and carbon filtration. Steam distillation helps in killing and removing living organisms while the carbon filters help remove all the contaminants affecting the quality of your water. The dual volatile gas venting system helps in the efficient removal of VOCs.

Manually drain your distiller often to remove all the residues left after distillation. The steam sterilizing function helps clean the storage tank and condensing coil. Keep your water tank clean by washing it monthly using lumen. As well, make sure to replace the filters as often as possible.

The SteamPure countertop water distiller has a robust construction highlighted by high-grade stainless steel which delivers years of service life. As a quality guarantee, the manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty on stainless steel parts and 1-year limited warranty on electrical components.

That simply means if any of the electrical components get damaged after the one year is over, you will be on your own, so give your distiller the best treatment so that it can serve you longer.


  • High-quality steam sterilizing function
  • Robust stainless-steel construction
  • 3-year warranty on stainless steel
  • Portable and compact
  • A big glass water collection jar
  • No installation needed
  • Hypoallergenic design


  • No automatic shut off feature
  • The fan makes some noise

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Features To Look For When Buying A Water Distiller (DETAILED Buying Guide)

The configuration of the features and components making different water distiller brands and models differ. Though the difference may be insignificant physically, it may have a noteworthy impact on the usability and efficiency of the water distillers. Having got an idea of how the top-rated water distillers look and function, it’s time we delved into the features making these distillers the best.

1. Build Quality

Due to its toughness and corrosion resistance abilities, stainless steel is the most preferred material for making water distiller components. Most, if not all, the boiling tanks and condensing coils in the water distillers reviewed above are made of high-quality stainless steel. Other water distiller components, like the filter housing and inlet valves, which come into direct contact with water, are as well created of stainless steel.

Some of the distillers have their compartments and parts made of BPA-free plastics. While BPA-free plastic may not guarantee 100% safety and durability, it doesn’t have extremely negative impacts on the atmosphere and human health. Look for distillers with glass or shatterproof plastic compartments. The water distiller sprout through where water is dispensed should be as well made of high-quality stainless steel or ceramic.

Confirm the rigidity and strength of the welds on the bigger water distiller models. Take the machine out of its box to properly examine its welding bolstering. Most distiller issues result from poor welds and low-end heating elements. Problems with weak welds are repairable, but those with low-grade heating elements cannot, so take your time to evaluate the workmanship of your distiller before buying.

2. Maintenance And Care

The structural design of water distillers, regardless of the brand, model, and sophistication, demands regular care and maintenance. Even the smartest and toughest water distillation systems will succumb to premature impairment if not taken care of appropriately. Top models have extra features to simplify the cleaning exercise, but additional training will be needed to help users familiarize themselves with such features.

Smarter water distillers have activated carbon filters, which are either pre or post-filters. These awesome features boost performance and guarantee dispensation of pure and high-quality water, but may increase the cost of maintenance. The filters should be replaced regularly, and since they aren’t cheap or easy to find, they can inconvenience you in many ways.

As it’s a rule of thumb, only settle for water distillation machines, which are easy to maintain. Their spare parts should be readily available and affordable, as well. While countertop, under-sink, and faucet-mounted models don’t require much effort to maintain, their spare parts may not be readily available, which translates to higher maintenance costs. Industrial models are a bit tricky to clean and keep, but their spare parts are readily available and cheap, too.

3. Size And Design Style

The water distillers we reviewed above are almost the same in styling and design, though the sizes differ. A stylish water distiller with a classy design will complement your kitchen decor and create an eye-catching milieu. The bigger models are potent enough to dispense up to three times what the countertop models can.

The problem is they are huge and need extra-large storage spacing. They generate heat and noise. Some are noisier, so research well depending on where you want to install them.

Bigger water distiller models connect to the municipal water lines directly, so they are easier and cheaper to manage. As well, you can conveniently add more holding tanks and pumps to match your increased water dispensation expectations. Countertop water distillers are small and dispense water at lower rates, but they have more sophisticated features and topnotch designs.

Large water distillers are all stainless steel and industrial in appearance. They don’t give the best look when installed in kitchen settings, so research the available spacing before you buy. As for countertop models, they are small enough to fit comfortably in compressed kitchen spacing. They come in multiple designs and styles, which will smartly complement your kitchen design and decor.

4. Ease Of Use

Already, your kitchen is jam-packed with household equipment like the fridge, freezer, and more. Managing and operating these machines should have proven a headache, and so, unless you want a toy water distiller, you wouldn’t opt for a device that’s hard to operate.

Modern-tech has brought about many tech updates on water distillers. The classic water distillation purifier models have comfort-enhancing and ergonomic features like automatic shut-off, LED light, and a timer to keep you updated when the machine is running.

The sophisticated models have more state-of-the-art features, including but not limited to robotic self-cleaning mechanisms and activated carbon filters. Some distillers have smart sprouts that hook conveniently to water lines to allow for smooth and efficient dispensation of water.

Automatic water distillers generate many gallons of water a day and fit well for business settings. Buy a water distiller with a simple yet efficient design and allows for secure handling.

5. Type Of Water Distiller

In terms of functionality, water distillers are categorized into automatic and manual options. Automatic water distillers are bulky in size and ideal for large-scale applications. They are the finest and most efficient systems you can get, with the best ones generating a gallon of distilled water in less than two hours.

As for the manual distillers, they aren’t very efficient can produce a gallon of distilled water in about 3 hours. Automatic water distillers don’t need manual refilling as they hook up to the available water supply line. The manual water distillers need you to refill the water manually.

In terms of fitting and installation, there are three types of water distillers, namely commercial, household, and plumbing distillers.

6. Energy Efficiency

Modern water distillers rely on electrical power to do their magic. Different brands and models of water distillers have varied energy-efficient ratings. Some models have lower-wattage ratings, so they use less energy to distill water, which can increase your savings.

The more advanced models have energy-saving functions and use the most energy-efficient water distillation mechanisms. As with bigger automated models, they require more energy to produce more gallons of water in a day.

Big water distillers don’t use the most efficient water distillation mechanisms, and their electrical components aren’t the most energy-efficient. They can consume up to 5 kilowatts of power in every hour of continuous use. Read the energy-efficient ratings of each water distiller to have a clue of how much more you will spend on energy bills once you buy the desired model.

7. Guarantee And Warranty

Warranties and guarantees are often overlooked aspects of the water distiller buying process. Very few buyers bother to verify the validity and usefulness of the warranties and guarantees attached to their devices. As a matter of fact, some buyers will quickly jump into a conclusion once they find water distillers that are affordable and reliable even if they don’t come with a quality guarantee.

Water distillers heat a lot while in use, so you can’t be 100% the one you buy won’t misbehave two days or weeks after the purchase.
Warranties are the security you need to have 100% assurance that even if things go south, you will be covered. Extended warranties are great as they cover you for a bit longer and ensure you can make the most out of your equipment.

8. Purchase And Maintenance Costs

classy, well-designed, and reliable water distiller will cost somewhere between $100 and $1000. Cheaper models are better if you’re a family of two or three, while bigger automated models are ideal for bigger families.

Consider commercial or plumbing water distillers if you want to ensure a quality supply of distilled and clean water in offices and industrial settings. Always keep your budget in mind when opting for a water distiller.

The cost of maintaining different water distillers depends on the type of filters the distillers use. Machines that use more advanced and scarce filters are more expensive to keep but easier to clean.

9. The Level Of Integration

Water distillation systems come in two integration options, whole-house, and point-of-use systems. The point-of-use water filtration systems work by filtering the water before use.

Point of use water filtration systems includes refrigerator filters, pitchers, faucet-mounted systems, countertop filters, and under-sink systems. These are ideal for small scale applications like households and small offices.

Whole-house systems work by filtering all the water channeled to your house. The most common types of whole-house distillation systems are whole-house chlorine filters, water softeners, and UV microbiological systems. The filter in these water distillation systems is installed right in front of the water meter or pressurized water tank.

Best Water Distillers Comparison Chart

ModelBrandFeaturesPriceOur RatingWeightDimensions
Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller with Glass CarafeH2o Labs100% Stainless Steel interior steam chamber, Grade 304$$$9.213.18 pounds16.5 x 12 x 11.3 inches
Megahome Water Distiller, Stainless and WhiteMegaHomeFull 304 stainless steel interior, water does not touch plastic.$$$9.212.79 pounds7.9 x 7.9 x 14.2 inches
Waterwise 9000WaterWise1 gallon of water every 4.8 hours$$$$8.011.79 pounds16 x 9.5 x 15 inches
Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v Counter Top DistillerPure WaterNo installation required$$$$$7.831.4 pounds13.5 x 9.9 x 15.7 inches
Alexapure Pro Stainless Steel Water Filtration SystemAlexapureStainless steel chamber$$$8.06.83 pounds14 x 9 x 9 inches
Mophorn Countertop Pure Water Distillation Purifier with HandleMophornCompact water distiller$7.89.35 pounds18 x 11.2 x 10.2 inches
Seeutek 3 Gallon 12L Copper Tube Moonshine Still Spirits Water Alcohol DistillerSeeutekComes with a built in thermometer$8.07.7 pounds10.8 x 10.8 x 15 inches
Waterwise 3200 water distillerWaterWiseAutomatic shutoff – Dripless stop-and-serve$$$$8.411.45 pounds17.5 x 12.5 x 10.9 inches
Vevor Countertop Water Distiller 750WVevorIntelligent Tmperature Control – 304 Stainless Steel$$7.812 pounds12 x 15 x 8 inches
Water Distiller - Lightweight with Easy-Fill ReservoirH2o LabsEasy operation, Refill and Reset LED indicator, Energy efficient$$$7.68.59 pounds15.9 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches
CNCShop Water Distiller Water Distillation PurifierCNCShopOver-temperature safety: power-off when the temperature is 160 degree$6.89.08 pounds19.7 x 9.4 x 3.9 inches
Durastill 8 Gallon Per Day Manual-fill Water DistillerDurastillSelf-sterilization$$$$$9.134 pounds13 x 20 x 13 inches
OLizee 304 Stainless Steel Water DistillerOLizeeStainless interior$$6.213.45 pounds18.7 x 13.8 x 11.2 inches
SteamPure 110V Countertop Water DistillerSteam PureSteam sterilizing option$$$$7.026.4 pounds24.9 x 17.9 x 14.2 inches

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Distillers (FAQ)

Do water distillers dispense chlorinated water?

It depends on the water distiller used. Distillers with activated carbon filters are potent enough to remove up to 99.99 of chlorine elements found in water. Those without a carbon filter will likely dispense distilled chlorinated water if the original water had chlorine in it.

Is boiled water the same as distilled water?

Distillation entails boiling, but there are tons of other complex processes that aid purify the water further. Boiling is a single process in a plethora of many others, making distillation. After the water is boiled during distillation, the vapor is captured and passed through a condensing coil to lower its temperature and turn it back to its liquid form.

Is distilled water only for adults?

Distillation does more than just purifying and cleaning water. Some water distillers will add to the quality and taste of your water. Experts recommend distilled water to people of ages, including infants below a year, since it does not only taste better but has better quality.

Is there a limitation to what I can use distilled water for?

The final product of distillation is super versatile. You can use it for drinking, cleaning utensils, washing, or even cooking. Clinicians can use it in their laboratory operations since it’s cleaner and purer. Industries can use it in food processing, perfumery, and medicine production. Since it’s free of minerals, it can also be used in industrial fields in the making of irons.

Are there germs in distilled water?

Distillation does more than kill the bacteria in water. It gives water a new feel and quality. Water passed through the complex distillation processes is entirely free of germs. No living organism can survive the high temperatures in the water distiller boiling tanks. You can use distilled water for virtually anything without worrying about introducing bacteria into your body.

Are water distillers user-friendly?

Modern water distillers have user-friendly designs, buttons, and functions. Getting the machine to dispense clean and distilled water is as simple as plugging the power cord into an electrical socket and putting on the power button. Depending on the efficiency of the machine, in a few minutes, the water will be ready for use. Some units have an automatic shut-off, so once the water is distilled and ready for use, they will self-shut-off.

How energy-efficiency will my water distiller be?

The topmost energy-friendly water distillers take approximately 3KWh to distill a gallon of water. The less efficient models may take up to 6KWh to derive the same amount of water. The efficiency of any water distiller depends chiefly on its capacity and power output, so be on the lookout. Read the wattage ratings and settle for models with the lowest wattage to increase your energy savings.

How often should I clean my water distiller?

The frequency at which you clean your water distiller is entirely a personal decision. However, you shouldn’t let your distiller stay for so long without cleaning. You can effortlessly tell your machine needs cleaning by looking out for visual signs. These may come in the form of residues at the bottom of the distiller’s filling tank.

How to clean my water distiller properly?

Washing your water distillation machine shouldn’t be a hefty and time-consuming task. Experts advise cleaning the distiller’s filing tank at least once in a cycle. A high-grade soft sponge and environmentally-friendly washing liquid will do a great job. If the residues prove stubborn, consider mixing a half-full cup of white vinegar with warm water, and use the solution to clean the filling tank.

How noisy can water distillers be?

Water distillers won’t turn your house into a noisy industrial worksite but will make sounds loud enough to be heard. The level of noise a water distiller generates depends mostly on the size of the condensing coil fan. Bigger fans make more noise, so if your distiller has a big fan, you should expect more noise production.

Is it possible to stop my distiller half-way?

Stopping a machine half-way is never a good idea, but in some instances, we have to do it anyway. If you’re wondering if you can stop your water distiller mid-cycle, the answer is yes. It’s as simple as unplugging the distiller’s power cord from the wall socket to turn it off unexpectedly.

When it comes to bigger water distilling systems, turning off the power switch will do the magic. Once you’re done doing what forced you to stop the distiller mid-cycle, you can then plug back the power cord or put on the power switch, and the distillation process will resume undisturbed.

Why is my water distiller not working?

When your water distiller fails to start, it doesn’t absolutely mean it’s faulty. The problem may be erroneous connections on the power outlets or a faulty power outlet. Before you take your distiller to an expert, try connecting another appliance to the outset to see if it’s functioning.

If you have a more advanced model, consider resetting the unit to its original format. If all DIY tricks fail, get a specialist to test the machine and do the necessary repairs if there are any.

Can I store my distilled water for future use?

Yes, of course, you can. Distillation removes all the parasites and bacteria present in water. You can store your distilled water for as long as you want, provided that you use the right storage containers.
Consider using glass storage containers as they are more consistent and stable, and won’t expose your water to more contaminants.


The choice of water distillers is limitless. Of all the 14 products we have reviewed, the best-in-Class stainless steel water distiller stands out in all aspects (check the price at Amazon). It’s not only energy-efficient but also smart enough to distill clean and wonderfully-tasting water.

The distiller is as well super easy to maintain and use, so you will have little to worry about. It’s energy-efficient and durable, so you are sure to earn value for your money. Unfortunately, it’s not ideal for large-scale use as it only generates 4 gallons in a day.

Larger offices and households should consider Mophorn 750w 4L countertop pure water distiller (see it on Amazon). It distills about 1.5 gallons of water every 6 hours, which translates to 6 gallons in a day.

Its good production capacity, combined with its energy efficiency, makes it the best water distiller for those in need of a product that will deliver real value for money.

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