10 Benefits While Using Water Softeners According To Science

by Curtis Grossi | Last Updated: March 13, 2024
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A good number of people generally know what water softening means but they do not understand the health benefits that come with it. The fact is, that hard and soft water exist and most people prefer soft water because of its moderate magnesium and calcium constituents.

Hard water, on the other hand, it has high levels of calcium and magnesium that actually frustrates soaps and soapless detergents.

One of the ways through which you can soften hard water is through boiling but it greatly depends on the magnitude of hardness. An excellent option for softening hard water is using water softeners.

On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at 10 benefits of water softeners according to science.

1. Keeps The Skin Smooth And Well-Nourished

When you use a combination of hard water and soap to wash your body, a scum is formed which makes your body to become sticky. This is mainly because of the magnesium and calcium content that is in the water.

Even rising can actually not dissolve this mixture which will result in clogging of pores, developing of bacteria and ultimately you will start feeling some skin itching, irritation and even drying.

This basically means that bathing with soft water is a better option for your skin as compared to hard water. Soft water will essentially prevent eczema, rashes and importantly clear up acne.

2. Reduces Monthly Energy Cost

Consistency use of hard water in your home result to a buildup in your water appliances and pipes. This primarily means that water appliances like heaters will actually be consuming more power in producing the desired effect in your home.

It also means the amount money that you will be spending on your heater will increase. The utility cost in such circumstances can actually be minimized if a water softener is used in your home.

3. Reduces Damage Done To Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are actually some of the most vulnerable things in as much as hard water is concerned. This is mainly because they are most of the times in contact with water.

This hard water makes utensils such as the kettles, and pans to develop soap film, dullness, and even etching. You also irritate the interior of the cooking pots if you use them to boil hard water.

To avoid all this, always ensure you use soft water to clean your utensils. If you have hard water you can use a softener like waterboss 900 to soften it first before you boil or use it in cleaning.

4. Prevents Detergents Curd And Soap Film From Building Up In Cleaning Devices

Hard water has adverse effects on cleaning appliances such as laundry facilities. This leads to the development of soap film which basically constrains the clothes from becoming entirely clean.

Furthermore, the soap film can cause a white laundry to turn gray if water is not softened. As if not enough, clothes that are washed with hard water tend to wear out quicker than those washed with soft water.

However, if you completely use soft water in your home in doing the cleaning, all the above issues can be avoided.

5. Maintains Hot Water Heaters

One of the greatest enemies of the hot water kettles is the minerals that are usually found in the water. Hard water has calcium and magnesium which normally build up very fast in the heaters.

This mineral deposit can cause damage to the heaters and even prevent them from heating the water to the required temperatures. This means you will need to unnecessarily spend extra money to replace your hot water heaters.

To avoid this and maintain your hot water heaters, always consider using soft water or a countertop water filter.

6. Reduces Faucet And Pipe Damage

Consistency use of hard water in your home results to clogging of your water pipes and faucets. This is most cases may lead to damage and spending a lot of money in doing the repairs and replacement.

The minerals in the water when in contact the pipes result to scale which is the damaging element to your home faucets and pipes. However, with soft water or an under sink water filter, you can avoid all this and minimize pipe and faucet damage.

7. Minimizes The Amount Of Shampoo And Soap Used In The Shower

When using hard water to wash your body or hair, the water causes the hair and body to be flat and dull making you feel like you need to use more soap and shampoo.

This is generally because of the scum that is formed when the minerals in the water get in contact with soap.

This will increase the amount of soap and minerals that you need to use for washing. To avoid this, make good use of a water softener shower head.

8. Allows Water Appliances To Last Longer

Hard water brings about clogging and building up of scale in water appliances like dishwashers and coffee makers which majorly cause them to work harder.

This build-up and clogging can actually result in damage to the appliance which will incur you’re an extra cost in replacing them.

9. Increase In The Sodium Intake

Sodium is a very significant mineral to the body of a human being. Although some people require a low intake of sodium it still remains that sodium plays a very important in our bodies.

Water softeners greatly contribute this especially if you love taking beverages that have been processed through water softeners. Another solution is to use a water filter pitcher in your home. You can find our pitcher reviews here.

10. Decreases The Mineral Consumption

Although mineral plays a very important task in the body of human being, taking too much of it can also have some side effects.

Minerals such calcium are important for bone development in the body but getting too much of it subjects you to constipation and risks of getting kidney stone. Salt based and salt free water softeners play the role of minimizing these minerals.

Wrapping Up

From the above discussion, it’s crystal-clear that water softeners are very significant not only to the water appliances but also to the body of human being.

Therefore, it’s very important to ensure you use soft water or make good use of the water softeners so that you can enjoy the health benefits of the elements.

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