How To Install A Whole House Water Filter In Just 6 Easy Steps

by Curtis Grossi | Last Updated: March 19, 2024
Whole house water filter and pincers

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The whole house filter helps clean up water that is supplied to you either from the well or municipal tanks. The house filter is installed at the main pipe that brings water to your house.

Everyone prefers clear water that is clean and tastes good. Instead of spending money that you could use on other things, buying bottled water or having a water purification system, you can install a whole house water filter that will give you clear and clean water for all your home needs.

There are quite a number of whole house water filtration system reviews, but not all guide you to the best installation.

This article is simple and has clear steps that you can try at any time. Let’s get started!

Tools Required

Steps To Follow

Below is a step by step guide to follow to install a whole house water filter successfully.

1. Drain The System

First and foremost, make sure to turn off the water supply to the main pipe. Then head to the lowest part of your house and open the tap so as to drain water from the system and also release pressure in the pipes.

2. Cut The Main Pipe To Install The Water Filter

After draining the system, choose a good position to place your filter. Mark the pipe for the exact fit of the filter. Make sure to choose a location with enough space beneath the filter tank for easy replacement when needed.

Now go ahead and use a pipe cutter to cut the marked part. The choice of the size of the pipe cutter depends on the available working space.

Place a bucket below the pipe so as to hold excess water that may flow when cutting the pipe. Make sure you remove any burs that may spill inside the freshly cut pipe (use the reamer blade).

3. Fit Compression Nuts On Both Ends Of The Cut Pipe

After that, you can position a compression nut with the small side first on one of the cut pipe ends. Do the same on the other side.

Place a brass fit on the in and out port of the filter docket. This should be done according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Use the teflon tape to make sure you seal the space correctly. Tighten the nuts on the filter, but make sure not to over tighten.

4. Position The Filter Between The Ferrules

Now you can position the filter on the pipeline and let it hang between the two ferrules. Tighten the compression nuts on the fitting parts of the filter. Hold the filter upright and use two wrenches to tighten the fittings.

Make sure you position the filter to allow the flow of water into the filter tank and out through the tank. If you install the filter wrongly, it won’t work properly.

5. Turn On Water At The Filter Kit Handle

The house filter has a special handle that will switch inlet valve to various positions-off, bypass, filter. After installation, turn off the valve.

Then turn on your water system to check if the filter is leaking. After that turn the filter valve on and wait for the filter tank to fill with water before it starts filtering. Check again for any leaks. If you notice any leaks, make sure to tighten the fittings until the leaking stops.

Some water pipes are used as a ground for the electrical system in some houses. So you have to install a jumper wire at the filter to make sure the electrical ground is not interfered with after you install the filter.

6. Replace The Whole House Water Filter As Required

You will be required to change the cartridge (view price on Amazon) at time periods as recommended by the manufacturer. The handle used to switch the valve doubles when it’s time to replace the filter.

Make sure to switch the valve handle off, then use the handle to loosen the filter tank as you remove it. Make sure you use a bucket to collect any excess water.

Drain water from the filter tank and remove the old cartridge. Wipe the inside part with a clean rag, replace the old cartridge with the new one and then reattach the filter tank to place.

Turn the valve to the filter position and turn on one of the taps slowly to allow water to flow for a while to release trapped air.

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Knowing how to install a home water filtration system will add value to your home. Drink the fruits of your labor and enjoy clean water.

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