8 Simple Ways To Make Alkaline Water At Home

by Curtis Grossi | Last Updated: March 19, 2024
Make Alkaline Water

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Alkalized water is believed to be a miracle cure owing to its tons of health benefits. These include reduction of bloodstream acid, metabolism-boosting, and improvement of the body’s efficiency in absorbing nutrients. It’s also said to help in preventing chronic diseases such as cancer as well as slowing the aging process.

The demand for alkaline water has consequently caused its price to shoot over the roof. But this has also ignited some creative ideas of making tap water alkaline.

If you are already intrigued by the health benefits that alkaline water is associated with and would like to tap them, being able to make the water from your kitchen faucet alkaline could save you a considerable amount of money. In addition, it’s a surefire way of ensuring that no unwanted and otherwise dangerous chemicals end up in the water.

Below is a detailed guide on how to make this possible.

But first, what is alkaline water and why is everyone raving about it?

Alkaline Water Explained. What Exactly Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water simply refers to water whose pH level has been slightly altered with. The pH level is used to determine how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a range of 0 to 14. 7 is considered neutral and substances with this pH level are considered to be neither alkaline nor acidic.

Substances that fall between 0 and 6 are said to be acidic while those above 7 are said to be alkaline.

Water is naturally neutral in that it falls at 7 in the pH scale. But it’s important to note that water contains a range of minerals which determines its acidic level. That’s to say that depending on your water sources and any minerals that the water may come into contact with, its acidic or alkaline levels may be altered with by the time it comes out of your tap.

Ph Comparison Chart For Alkaline Water

There are cases whereby added minerals have been found to increase water acidic levels. It’s good to make the human body less acidic by taking alkalized water.

Alkaline water is any measure which is above a pH of seven. Before making water alkaline, you should determine the water pH level.

Knowing the pH level of water makes it possible to tell the acidity level, and lets you know what should be added or adjusted to make it alkaline. Normal water is natural at a pH of seven, but as explained earlier, some of the minerals may make it more acidic.

Hence it is crucial to raise the water to the ideal alkalized drinking water, which is about a pH of eight or nine. And achieving this level requires alkalizing the water. You can determine your water pH by purchasing a pH kit from any health store, where it is accompanied by pH strips and a color chart explaining the level of the pH being tested and achieved.

Ways To Make Your Water Alkaline

These are the basic and most effective ways to adjust the pH of water to make it alkaline and suitable for drinking.

1. Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is an additive or product which is common at home. It can also be purchased in shops and stores near you. One of its benefits is that it contains a high level of alkaline content. Baking soda of content 600 mg is added to an 8oz of water, which is about 0.237 liters.

You can either stir if you are using an open container such as glass or even shake if you are using a bottle, this will ensure thorough mixing and dissolving of the baking soda into the water. For those not allowed to take high sodium content, it’s not advisable to add baking soda to your water to make it alkaline.

2. Using Lemons

Using lemons is another excellent way to make water alkaline. Making lemons to make water alkaline is simple and easy. To make 1 liter of alkaline water, you need one lemon and 1 1/8 of tablespoon salt. Use filtered water to fill one pitcher or tap water. Cut the lemon into eighths, which is eight equal parts. Place the lemons into the water.

While doing so, don’t squeeze the lemons rather deep them into the water. Cover your water and leave it at room temperature for about 8 to 12 hours for a superb outcome. The adding of salt helps make the water mineralized. It’s not mandatory though. 

3. Using pH Drops

If you are in a hurry, or you do not want to use the home remised prices of alkalizing your water, you can order some pH drops from a health food store or even online (buy at Amazon).

These drops are well manufactured to contain a high concentration of minerals with alkalinity. Many of these products come with a manual which you are supposed to follow keenly to achieve the desired outcome.

The manual, simple advises or directs of the quantity need to followed. Make sure you as well don’t mix the water with so more than required pH drops otherwise you won’t realize quality results.

4. Using Alkaline Water Dispensers

There are alkaline water dispensers that can be used in mineralizing, purifying, and electrolyzing of water. These products are superb as they are capable of neutralizing hard water, making the water more alkaline.

The best parts of these products are that they are capable of processing a large amount of water, with extra LCDs which automatically detects the pH value of the water. Check out alkaline water dispenser reviews to choose the best dispenser for your home or office.

5. Water Ionizer

Water ionizers are user-friendly and can be attached to your faucet. They have the power to ionize or electrolyze the water, through the positive and negative installed electrodes which soften the hard water.

During the electrolysis process, the machine is capable of separating the water into two, which is 70 percent of alkaline water, which is healthy to drink, and the rest is acid water. Additionally, the best part of the machine is that the separated acidic water has many health benefits to the human body. The water can as well be used in washing as it kills bacteria, which lives on the human skin. 

6. Ionizing Water Filter

Still, you can use ionizing water filters to change the pH level of water. Simple in transporting and use, ionizing water filters come in many options and types.

Ionizing filters apply the same technology used by normal filters, in which you pour water through the filters, and let it stagnate for about 3 to five minutes. Ionizing filters have several filtration layers, which help in changing water to an alkaline state. Most ionizing water filters are easy to use and reliable. 

7. Osmosis Water Filters Products

Osmosis water filters are often referred to as hyper filters since they apply the process of osmosis, which is using fine membrane while conducting filtration. The best part of these water filtration systems is they are more enhanced than the other filters and capable of sieving elements from the water to make it alkaline. The filters are available in many home appliance stores and hardware stores.

8. Water Distiller And pH Drops

You can also use water distillers to make your water alkaline. Scientifically boiled water is associated with the killing of bacteria and any other harmful elements found in the water.

A lot of tap water contains these impurities and bacteria. The downside of this method is that, it is not capable of making 100 percent of alkalized water, but slightly alkalized. You need to add some drops of pH drops to achieve the best result of alkalized water. Water distillers come in different sizes. They also vary in prices and can be found in about all kitchen appliances stores.


Alkalized water has a high pH level, and it is claimed to have many benefits to the human body. Unfortunately, the cost of buying store-bought bottled water can be quite high especially if you are determined to increase your water intake (here are some key tips to increase your water intake).

But this should deter you from reaping the benefits that this water provided you know how to make tap water alkaline.The above are many ways to make alkaline water ranging from DIY tips to using purchased machines for a perfect outcome.

Among the best ways to do this by use of lemons, baking soda, or even purchased products such as water ionizer, ionizing water filters, and salt-free water filters. You can as well consider using a reverse osmosis water filter or under sink water filters. As we’ve just mentioned, always remember to test the pH level of your water first thing before adding additives to make it alkaline

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