12 Benefits Of Drinking (Warm) Water In The Morning.

by Curtis Grossi | Last Updated: March 14, 2024
Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

Being hydrated is crucial for your health and wellbeing – and health authorities recommend taking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day: the 8 by 8 rule. But how often do you meet this requirement?

The human body is made up of about 70% of water; hence, getting hydrated by drinking enough clean water is beneficial. When hydrated, your body is alert and strong enough to fight short and long-term disorders. Not drinking adequate water a day can lead to problems like kidney stones, diarrhea, sinuses, and uterus and breast cancers.

You shouldn’t drink beverages and drinks instead of water if you surely want to stay hydrated. There is no better time to drink water if you’re going to stay hydrated, but drinking it in the morning has been found to be beneficial in a whole lot of ways.

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water Early Morning

1. Protect Your Colon From Being Infected

Water is what your body uses to flush out the residue or sludge found in your colon. Having a clean colon helps you stay safe from future colon disorders. When your colon is clean, the cells used in food absorption will be free and efficient after you take your meals and even throughout the day.

2. Get Rid Of Toxins From Your Digestive System

If you want to boost your digestive system, try having a few glasses of water in the morning. Taking water before consuming any meal helps your body get rid of toxic, which result from overnight digestion. Water is also beneficial for stimulating bowel movements.

You don’t have to fight constipation irritation all day when you can prevent it by drinking a glass or two of water in the morning. Constipation is as a result of the accumulated toxic during overnight digestion. By drinking a few water glasses in the morning and visiting the toilet after that, you prevent your stomach from irritation in the following hours of the day.

3. Boost Your Metabolism Later In The Day

Taking water in the morning is proven by studies to increase your metabolism at about 24%. This rate means fast metabolisms which means you will be digesting your food more effectively and faster, hence being able to maintain or lose weight if you are obese.

Taking more water in the morning increases the rate of calories burned by your body. A study done recently found out that the burning rate may increase by about one third if you consume more water.

Losing more calories due to the high metabolic rate helps you get your desired body shape. Also remember to eat healthy as taking water in the morning does not give you a leeway to consume junk food.

Indigestion may cause acidity in your stomach, which can lead to heartburns after the gas gets back to your esophagus. When you clean water early in the morning, it will help flush these toxic residuals making your metabolism okay.

And never forget to drink about 2 liters of clean water later the day for your metabolism to remain at peak. Get the water filtered and softened with the world’s most effective and reliable water filters for more effective results.

4. Boost Your Immune System

Studies suggest that when you take water early before consuming anything, you bring your lymphatic system at a balanced point.

The lymphatic system is a crucial body part that aids boost the performance of your immune system. When it’s functioning correctly, it skyrockets the performance of the body system. This means when you take water in the morning; your immune system will have the vitality and courage to fight pathogens, causing diseases such as viruses and bacteria.

5. Drinking Water In The Morning Helps In Weight Loss

Obesity studies have found a correlation between consuming water before taking any meal and weight loss. The studies confirmed that water helps your colon to stay active and do better when it comes to food absorption.

Not all waters have the ingredients needed to boost weight loss, and that’s why we only recommend water filtered with high-quality filter pitchers.

6. Brings About Being More Active

Taking water in the morning helps boosts your energy level. Try to let go of coffee or tea as your startup in the morning for energy, and reap the benefits of taking water instead.

Water can boost your red blood cells effectiveness, making them able to produce more oxygen. And as you know, having enough oxygen means your respiration system is sound, and energy production will be top-notch.

7. Prevent Migraine And Headache

Dehydration is known for causing headache and migraine. Water boosts your body activeness and improves your immune systems, so by drinking a few glasses of water as the first thing in the morning, you can prevent issues with headache and migraines.

You should also hydrate throughout the day to offset possible headaches. You can encourage water intake in your workplace or house by investing in quality water coolers.

8. Stay Healthy And Young By Taking More Water In The Morning

Keep those unfavorable and dark patches on your skin on the bay by keeping your body more hydrated. Those dark spots on your face may be a sign of accumulated toxic on your systems.

Taking more water in the morning can help promote and boost your skin health as it enhances blood flow in the skin, which helps in efficient flush out of accumulated toxin in the body system.

9. Makes You Look Younger

Prevent premature aging by consuming enough water before eating anything and you can rest assured of having youthful and healthy skin. Taking water will also make your hair look bright and smooth. When dehydrated, your hair looks unhealthy as they are malnourished.

Keep out bristle hair by consuming a lot of water in the morning, and give your hair a clean and bright look. Feel rejuvenated by fighting off those free radicals toxins on your skin by taking clean water filtered with the best whole-house water filters.

10. Boosts And Balance Nervous System

Does this surprise you? You can never underestimate the power of drinking water in the morning, and this is one of the unexpected benefits it brings. Taking water, more so hot water, helps you boost your nervous system health.

During morning times, your stomach is very receptive. Therefore when you consume coffee or tea as the first thing in the morning, it will stimulate your central nervous system, hence affecting your nervous system. If you drink warm water instead, it will nourish your dehydrated nervous system, thus boosting its functioning.

Make it possible to drink water in any state in your office or home by investing in the best water coolers. With these top water cooler dispensers, you can get cold and hot water on demand.

11. Boost Your Urinary Tract Health

Many older adults suffer from urinary tract infections. You have to know that your bladder is always busy when asleep at night. It works so hard to build-up urine by the morning. Due to this prolonged holding of urine, the formation of toxic pathogens on the bladder wall is possible. When you drink enough water early in the morning, you avoid the buildup of such pathogens as well as save yourself from kidney stones.

Drinking water in the morning flushes the toxic acid from your kidneys, which usually lead to kidney stones. So, rewarding your bladder and kidney with a glass of water every morning is highly recommended as it helps you eradicate these harmful pathogens and toxins. 

12. Improve Your Appetite By Having A Glass Of Water Every Morning

You have seen taking water can help in clearing your bowels and burning calories. In most cases, you wake up in an empty stomach, which means you are hungry. Hence, having a glass of water will prepare you for another meal, and this is the most important meal of the day, which is breakfast.

And as you know, having a great appetite means eating more to boost your health. Always endeavor to drink clean and purified water regardless of the time of the day you do it.

Bottom Line

Reward your body with a glass of water every morning to get the above-discussed benefits. You can add your water with healthy fruit juice such as lemon or even honey to get rid of the toxic residue in your body systems. It is good to keep the fluid level in your body balanced and fresh.

Prevent any short term effects of dehydration such as headache and constipation or long terms consequences such as arthritis, breast cancer, or kidney stones by keeping yourself hydrated in the morning and throughout the day.

Drinking water early in the morning is the easiest way to boost your overall health, which is an excellent way to advance your lifestyle and improve your health. There is nothing better than losing weight or looking young without using your money, and that’s why you should adopt a healthy yet straightforward lifestyle of taking a cup early in the morning.

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